Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Slow Day

Homemade Monkey Bread for breakfast.
The last lingering bloom from my anniversary bouquet - it has lasted almost three weeks!
A thrifted sheet and a beautiful day make a lovely backdrop for a lunch picnic!
Adorable paper plates {found with the regular paper plates at Target!}
Reading aloud.
My African Violet bloomed!
An episode of Downton Abbey in a quiet house.

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Huskerbabe said...

Ah, Blisss!

Mom said...

Lovely photos - as always! Your African violet is beautiful, those paper plates are super cute, and I always love seeing photos of the peeps! We've been watching Downton also - finishing season five tonight.

Shelby said...


Elise said...

I thought it was someone's birthday for a minute! I love how you make everyday meals special-something I need to step up in doing.

domenica.60 said...

Home sweet Home ... life !
Have a nice weekend too