Monday, March 13, 2017

This & That

After saying I was going to give myself permission not to garden this year, we had a beautiful afternoon and all found ourselves knee deep {literally} in weeds, leaves, twigs and things that had accumulated all winter. We cleared out a little over half of the garden and planted a few seeds already on hand.

The ever-present optimism for gardening kicked in again and we have hopes of melon, lettuce, sunflowers and zinnias, basil, peppers, tomatoes and green beans. The reality of tending and weeding and heat and bugs will shortly kick in but so far, we had a pleasant time together digging in the dirt. I'm a successful-gardener-wanna-be!

The blueberries are in full bloom so hopefully a bumper crop is in store!

Samuel got the game Kings of Israel for his birthday and it is fantastic! A little pricey but a great gift to receive and way to learn Bible places and kings, blessings of a godly king and consequences of an evil king - and watch out for false prophets!

I tried brie, apple, honey crostini and had high hopes that my we would really love it but in the end - not so much. Emily and I enjoyed it but not enough to go to the effort for just the two of us. It would be great for an all ladies gathering!

I'm late in hearing about this but now it seems to be popping up in several places, have any of you heard of the Rich and Rooted Passover ebook? As I was looking into it, I discovered that she has also written a Slow and Sacred Advent - oh that has my name all over it! Honestly, I can't find a great amount of info about it online so was curious if any of you had looked at it. It's a bit spendy for an ebook {though I know it is worthwhile for all of the effort and time invested!} so thought I would ask before purchasing. The hashtags do have some lovely inspiration! Passover and Advent.


Mom said...

Oh, the eternal optimism of a gardener! One thing is for sure that you won't grow anything without preparing and planting. Good luck!

Interesting about the Kings of Israel game - I'm looking forward to playing it sometime. I had never heard of it before you mentioned it recently.

These ebooks are right up your alley - thanks for sharing. :)

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I have heard of these ebooks. I have never have read them but I have seen great reviews on the advent one.