Welcome, I'm so glad you are here for a visit! If I could, I would set a pretty table and pour a cup of tea so we could have a slow, quiet chat.

Since we can't do that, let me introduce myself! Hi there, my name is Monica! I'm a Christian, a law enforcement wife, a homeshooling mom to three children and a homemaker. I love to craft, write, study the Bible, bake, create beautiful family memories, decorate my home and celebrate the

Several years ago on a summer retreat, I was looking at the school year coming up and nearly felt panic stricken with all the options to fill our calendar. After prayer, seeking God, talking together with my husband and learning to say no, we made choices about what could stay and what needed to go.

This was the beginning of my search for Slow. I looked for books but the one thing they seemed to be missing was God. So, I got out my Bible and have spent the past few years studying and learning and adapting our home to a slower life.

You can read more about all of this by looking under the "Slow" or "Slow Day" topics here on my blog. And, I hope you'll get a chance to read my book called Slow Lane: The Beautiful Art of Slowing Down.

My second book Beauty Maker is coming out later this summer - I'm so excited to share this project with you!

Meanwhile, I trust your visit here will leave you encouraged in staying home, saying no and slowing down. Life is a beautiful gift and too precious to waste in the frazzle of hurry.

Slow down and enjoy your visit!

Now, it's your turn! Introduce yourself in the comments or send me an email!