Thursday, November 19, 2020

Simple Pleasures: Beeswax Ornaments


My friend Becca posted this idea last Christmas and I've had the supplies for a year. But it just didn't happen last year and I recently remembered and decided to pull everything out on a Sunday afternoon. The girls and I put on a Christmas movie and it was so fun to craft these little beauties!

The silicone mold is from Michael's - we've made ice cubes with it, frozen pesto in it and more. It is so cute and makes such a sweet little design. 

I used this beeswax {this is an affiliate link} and added a couple of drops of Young Living Christmas Spirit to each ornament.

I think these will be so fun to clip onto garlands and tie onto gifts! But at this point, I'm having the most fun just making them and seeing a stack of them complete and ready to gift and enjoy.

There aren't really instructions - but I just melted the beeswax, poured into the mold, added a couple drops of essential oil and laid the twine hangers in the back. It worked best when I popped the whole mold into the freezer to fully cool. 

Working with my hands and creating beauty are things I am thankful for today! What are you thankful for today?

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