Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Simple Pleasures: Planning a Fun Event


As part of being in a Classical Conversations community, one of the events is planning a protocol event for our high school students. Rachel is in a class of three girls this year and in brainstorming with my Mom we came up with this idea to plan a Little Women themed event for them.

The idea of protocol is an opportunity for students to participate in a formal event including a meal and some sort of cultural outing. With Covid, it goes without saying that cultural events are not normal right now! So, we are bringing the culture to us and hosting this event at one of the families neighborhood clubhouse. 

I can't wait to share more about it after the event - but for now, here are the fun invitations that I worked hard on this past week. The vision that kept coming to my mind was one of a vintage library card, so that is what I went for.

Library Card printable here. Library card pouch template here {this did not fit as printed, I had to modify it to fit the cards.}I did not spend anything to make these {also true to the theme!} and had so much making them up as I went along. 

It was a beautiful afternoon so I moved my crafting supplies outside and enjoyed fresh air and creativity. So refreshing!

These turned out so cute and I had fun taking photos of them - so here is my photo journal of the creative process. Looking forward to this event and thinking of ways to make it special for these sweet little women has brought me so much joy lately and we all definitely need a dose of that right now.

What is bringing you joy this week?

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Mom said...

These invitations turned out just lovely! And it was fun to see the process unfold in your photos. What a delightful protocol plan for the three "little women" in this Challenge class. :)