Monday, November 30, 2020

Thanksgiving Breakfast

The weather was just right for moving our table outside and enjoying Thanksgiving breakfast on the patio! I had planned to have David build a fire to go with, but we did not need the warmth! Our traditional breakfast is pumpkin pancakes and sausage. Apple cider was a nice addition this year.

After breakfast, we used one of our porch pumpkins to write things we were thankful for - it was fun! And then the cousins and Grammie enjoyed a virtual Monopoly game which lasted three hours! 


Mom said...

So much beauty and your breakfast looks delicious! :)

Nana said...

Oh Monica... How adorable!! Leave it to you to come up with such creative ideas for decorating, as well as food!! My favorite food picture was the maple leaf pancakes with syrup and candied (?) pecans!!! My favorite decoration was the pumpkin that you wrote your thanks on. EVERYTHING was adorable, though. (I even noticed the cover for the squirt can of whipped cream!!!) You are the greatest hostess ever!!!
My love to ALL, Grandma/Nana