Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Slow Day

Puppy: meet our new puppy Scout! I just realized that I have shared him on Instagram but not on my blog. He was a very spontaneous decision to welcome a puppy into our home but he has been so much fun and is the best personality - such a great fit for us! We're all having fun with him!
Currently reading aloud: The Fire, The Revelation and The Fall
Chocolate Souffle: after finishing Season 3 of the British Baking Show, we decided to try our hand at making chocolate souffle! It actually turned out quite well - we were pleased. On another note, we've tried making macaroons {not the same day!} and they were not at all a success - ha! The proof below:

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Unknown said...

Aw such a cute pup! Christina

Billie Jo said...

Congratulations on your puppy!
And slow, ordinary days are my favorite.
I am actually putting a post up about them today! : )

Anonymous said...

Your puppy is adorable! Cooking adventures are always fun. I've had some real "flops" myself! LOL! Like trying to cook divinity in humid weather or sinking cakes. :) I also love your table setting. It's simple, down home, and the hydrangeas are beautiful.

Andrea L.

*carrie* said...

Did the macaroons taste good at least?

Glad you enjoyed the souffles and that Scout has been a nice addition to your family!