Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Amazing Grace Tea Towel Pillow

My favorite favorite tea towels come from the lovely and inspiring shop of Fancy That Design House! Stephanie has great designs and they include the rich history of hymn lyrics that speak to our hearts as well. This is not a paid post, I'm just a fan!

A fellow fan and friend and I have been wanting to make pillows out of our favorite tea towels for quite a while now after seeing one of these pillows over on Instagram. The original inspiration came from here perhaps?

Anyway, we finally made it happen this month and I'm so thrilled with how mine turned out! I had already been using this tea towel a while before deciding to set it aside and save it for this purpose, so it is a little worn in some areas but I love the patina and character that adds!

I bought the fabric at our new Hobby Lobby! Yahoo! When I first moved here the closest Hobby Lobby was over three hours away. That has changed in recent years as we got one about two hours away, then one hour away and now only 30 minutes. So exciting.

The fabric was too new looking for my liking {ha!} so I dyed it in a bowl of hot tea to take the whites down a notch. I had the vintage-looking lace leftover {not vintage though, it is new and is also still available at Hobby Lobby} and that really made a nice finish on the edges of my tea towel.

Oh, and see that adorable pennant above my mirror? Also from Fancy That! you can check out her entire shop here

Have you finished any fun projects lately?


Unknown said...

Really cute! Christina

donna www.merryheartcrafts.com said...

I love the pillow. We are getting a Hobby Lobby 45 min. from us and we are so excited. I have only been to one maybe twice but I loved it. Can't wait until ours is open. Thanks for sharing. God bless. www.merryheartcrafts.com

alice said...

I made a wreath for my door and a fall-inspired fabric garland. I love the garlands - I make them for most every holiday!