Thursday, August 24, 2017

We Saved You a Seat

My girls and I are doing this study along with some mothers and daughters from our community. It is so good, I'm enjoying the study so much that I'm sharing with you in case you hadn't heard of it.

We Saved You a Seat by Lisa-Jo Baker comes in a women's version and a teen version so you can invite the young ladies in your life to learn about friendship and study the Bible together! You can sign up to receive the weekly videos free from now until October 1st. We are showing these videos that are emailed each week at our study and then discussing together.

I've had fun putting together some fun snacks for after our study time when it is so fun to hear the younger girls chatting and giggling and the moms linger in the kitchen.

Honestly, I'm loving having something in my house every Friday evening! We eat dinner together and have time to tidy that up and pick up the house to welcome our study friends. Then the weekend starts with our house tidy and that feels amazing!

One week after a small group attended, we had time to play Bingo and read aloud together. These are my favorite times but often I'm too tired or the unfinished clean up makes it hard for me to relax.

I'm also reminded at how much I love having Bible Study homework and the small group conversation is a fun change that I'm enjoying.

While I'm on a bunch of random things - I will say that making snacks for things has seemed harder recently. With food restrictions, allergies and preferences to eat healthier - I notice that baked items really don't get eaten as much. So, I've been looking on Pinterest for inspiration to make cute and fun food but still make it healthy.

So far, we've done:
* healthy chocolate muffins and strawberries {I use applesauce, sucanat and coconut oil in these to make them healthier!}
* apple bar and herbal iced tea
* watermelon pops and energy protein bites

I'm looking forward to trying:
* Frozen Yogurt bark
* Peach Sorbet or Peach Frozen Yogurt

And would love to hear your suggestions as well! Popcorn is out right now because of teens with braces! Also, any great Bible Studies you are doing lately!?


Unknown said...

Looks like fun! Yogurt bar. Christina

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

This morning on my walk I walked past a young mom neighbor and she seemed weary. A thought came to my mind to do a get together or a bible study in my neighborhood. What great inspiration. Thanks!

Mom said...

So glad this Bible study time is going well. Very cute snacks!! :)

Dad said...

I am inclined to use more chocolate to make it healthier.


*carrie* said...

I echo what Mom said. =) Those watermelon pops are so cute! Something I've been making recently that have been a big hit all the times I've made them are little fruit kabobs with colorful toothpicks/mini skewers from $ Tree.