Friday, April 08, 2016

Losing a Special Place

Place can have such an impact on us. And going back to meaningful places can also be restorative, healing and such a comfort. One such special place in my life is this little Bible bookstore near my house. The owners are so genuine and kind, they make you feel like you are their best friend and share the very best parts of themselves so freely.

My book was written in these spaces and I spent many, many an hour in front of the windows with that little tiny lap table in front of me studying slow and allowing those pages to be formed into a book.

This little space closed at the end of last week and it is a such a loss to me. Mostly I want to remember the blessing of this place for the time I needed it and I am trusting God for a new place when I need it next.

In the midst of a very busy week, I took my last little soiree into the shop just to snap a few photos and feel gratitude in my heart for the privilege of studying here so many times in the past year. 

Thank You, God for providing this place just when I needed it. Please lead my steps to a new study spot where I can dig into Your Word and utilize the blessings of that in my own life and sharing with others.


Mom said...

I'm sad with and for you that this special place has closed. I hope that you will find another refuge very soon!

Lisa M. said...

Sorry to hear about this. Always sad when a business like this closes. It looks like it was a very special place. All I have near me are big box stores. I wish there were more family stores to share with my children.

*carrie* said...

Yes, this is a loss. I forget what you said they're going to do with the space now?

Glad you had it for a season, especially one of writing your (first!) book, but sorry that you've won't have that special place to go to anymore.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Sad! What a sweet refreshing spot it looks like. SOrry!