Friday, April 08, 2016

Give the Gift of Slow!

Yay! It's the home stretch of finishing up my book and projects associated with it! I've been working for months on this idea and am finally ready to share every last detail!

First, here is the book update! I've submitted the final manuscript, all photos and am hoping to write the back cover copy this weekend. It is getting real around here, friends! All the interior copy is headed for layout and the next step is a PRINTED PROOF! Eeks! I can't believe it!

Thank you to each and every one who encouraged, believed in this project or purchased a t-shirt. Each step of the way, every need has been met and I am so grateful and a little blown away to be at this point. Around Christmas, Mother's Day seemed like a long way off and there was so much to be done in the meantime. But here we are and still plugging along!

I don't have an official date but I do know we are inching forward and the end is in sight!

Now, on to the fun! I can't even remember how long ago it was {two years maybe?!} I was driving to a friends house and on the way I had this inspiration to make a gift box that I could use to help promote my book. I wanted to support other makers and creativity and come up with a unique set of items that fit the essence of slow.

This was a long process, some of the collaborators I asked declined to be involved. My ideas changed and developed as I moved through the process. But I am SO pleased and excited with the end result and hope that you will be too!

My book is completely funded - yay! So thankful! This last push is for helping get the word out about my book. These little gift sets will not only be a sweet gift of slow to a mom in your life but I've saved a few sets back to send to bloggers in helping promote the message of slow. I believe so much in this message and am excited to be one of those used to bring this message of slowing down to the hurrying world around us.

Let's talk about the cuff! I sifted through dozens of ideas before landing on this because I wanted something unique, feminine and sweet. These bracelets are made out of vintage looking lace, and basic calico fabric backing with a layer of super soft linen-feel but burlap-look muslin sandwiched inside.

I used vintage threads to sew the edges together and stitch on buttons and metal plate with beads. My sweet friend, Shay, hand stamped each blank with the letters s-l-o-w to encourage and remind us throughout our busy days.

The backing fabric will vary from cuff to cuff. The lace edges are all finished to avoid unraveling but all fabric edges are left unfinished to fray naturally. I've worn my cuff several times and it is holding up great!

There are two buttons and an elastic hook for closure. Cuffs will measure 7 3/8" or 7 7/8" respectively when fastened. Here are some detailed photos of the cuffs:

Each cuff will be wrapped in a brown kraft polka dot bag and tied with black and white twine!

I wanted to give you a second idea to use your cuff for in case you want to take a break from wearing it or just want to dress up a jar of flowers!

Cut approximately 12" of black/white twine {you'll have plenty with what arrives in your gift set - unwrap the twine around the art print and there you go!}

Thread it through the elastic loop.

Tie in a knot.

Wrap around a jar or vase and then hook twine onto buttons.

Awww, look how cute the sets look all wrapped up and ready for giving! Next, let's talk about those happy flags!

Happy Flags were made by the oh-so-cute Natalie Freeman! If you follow only one Instagram feed, it should be hers! She custom made these happy flag sets just for the release of my book and to coordinate with my cover - which I will show you again because I love looking at it!

I thought these would be a perfect inclusion for slowing - picnics, jars of flowers, giving happiness to others - so many ideas!

I recently used my set for a sweet embellishment to an evening pancake picnic! Aren't they so cute?!

And, last but not least - a slow art print! This is printed on heavy weight brown kraft paper and includes a stiff cardboard backing and clear sleeve! Most prints include a thrifted vintage paper doily, those will be sent first but I didn't have enough to tie one to each print. Regardless, each print is wrapped up with cute string and oh-so-cute for gift giving!

The artwork for the slow print was done by an etsy artisan that no longer has her shop open. I love it! She also made the beautiful slow wreath we are all enjoying on our t-shirts!

A few other details:

Gift sets are $35 and include shipping within the US. All are gift-wrapped and ready to give! I have 35 sets available and don't foresee making any more anytime soon - these have taken months! You can order yours here.

Gift sets will be ready to mail by Wednesday, April 27 in order to ensure arrival in plenty of time to celebrate that special mama in your life!

Each set is wrapped up in vintage sewing pattern paper and has a tag ready for personalizing on the front. I'm happy to write in the to/from if you specify names when ordering! Your recipient will also find a lovely chalkboard Mother's Day card inside with Scripture included!

I have poured myself into presenting something I love and am proud of and hope you will enjoy giving these too! Thank you so much for your sweet support on this last leg of my self-publishing journey!

This means my next post about my book should be showing you an actual hard copy! yippee! Can't wait!

PS: Several of you have asked about pre-ordering. The short answer is it is coming but just not there yet. I'd hoped to include a gift option that included a copy of the book but the timing is not perfectly on track to do that yet!


Gretchen said...

I just ordered a gift set and I love everything you did and included! I am so excited for you and for all of the mamas out there that will be so blessed by your beautiful and much-needed message. Thank you for your obedience to God. Much love!

Unknown said...

Love it! Congrats!

Allison said...

I can't wait for this to be released!!! I know you are excited.

Shelby said...

I ordered mine friend:) So proud of you {{{{hugs}}}}} love everything about this gift. Shelby~

Kelli said...

I love this! I am so excited for your book. Yiur slow post have inspired for for a while now and I often talk about slow/slowing down on my blog.

domenica.60 said...

Great ! I love it !!

Elise said...

Oh my WORD!!! This is adorable!!! I'm going to have a little chit chat with the hubby about this! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cuff!!! So excited for you, friend!!!

angie said...

I am waiting until my birthday (45! on 4/21) to order this. I usually receive a gift of money from my parents, and wanted to tell them that I used their gift to buy this. Somehow, it seems anti-climactic to buy it before receiving the gift.
I have been reading your 40 days of truths and finding them to be full of the inspired word. Thank you.
Last night, I realized that several of your recipes have become part of our regular meal rotation. If you have any new favorites, that would be an appreciated blog post, after your 40 days series concludes.