Friday, December 04, 2015

Paper Laurel Wreath: A Tutorial

I love seeing all the cute boxwood wreaths popping up on mantels and in gallery wall arrangements! I wanted a little wreath that I could have fun decorating with but didn't want to spend anything - so came up with this paper wreath using all things I had on hand!

scrapbook papers in greens
hot glue {I know my hot glue gun is pitiful looking - but it works great and was FREE years and years ago - it has served me well!!!}
6" or desired size embroidery hoop {I only had half of one - meaning one circle - so this was a perfect way to use since it was missing its other half!} if you don't have an embroidery hoop, you could cut out a circle from sturdy cardboard for your form
ribbon or twine

Start by cutting out leaves! I cut one until I got what I wanted and then used that as my pattern for the rest so they all matched. Cut various shades/patterns of greens. I think my wreath took about 100 leaves.

Fold leaves in half and then fold one end a tiny bit just to give it an edge to glue on and a little height to layer the leaves.

Then you just start gluing the leaves onto your hoop or base until you are pleased with the overall look. Glue some ribbon or twine for a hanger and voila - a cute and free paper wreath!

It was beautiful outside, so I had fun crafting on the porch and admiring the sunlight!

I used the wreath to help decorate our Thanksgiving table and now have it hanging like this:


Mom said...

I love how you create beautiful and fun crafts out of supplies you already have in your home! And that's a bonus to be able to be creative outdoors. :)

Shelby said...

Love this idea and how you think out of the box. Brilliant. I adore your setup over the piano. You are gifted friend.

angie said...

That is a lot of cutting! When done on the rocking chair on the porch, it seems like a reason to rock longer, not a chore. This is a clever adaptation of the boxwood wreath that is so trendy. I saw fresh ones at Trader Joes's last week and was seriously tempted to buy one. In this craft, I would be content to do the cutting and folding and Hanna would enjoy the arranging and gluing. Sold!

The Mayo Family said...

Hello Monica,
I am always stopping over to visit and seldom comment...
I want to take today to thank you for the sweet blog home you have here.
We are blessed by what you share, like with anything we read each day we all get blessed in different ways, some by the words, crafts, pictures, ideas, home life, God's words, foods/meals, serving meals, how you use the days, seasons, your family the list goes on.
As the Mom to many girls in my home I appreciate all you do share along with the "realness to it" often times when we look around the blogs, we can tend, desire, need, think that's the way it should be, with our stopping here "it's real" and we are grateful to you for having that spirit! Smile...
We have found ourselves at Hobby Lobby or Michael's and say, "this is the thing Mrs. Monica used" or some such statement! Ha!
So, with all that said, I am thankful, and appreciate how you are being an example of a Godly wife & Momma to growing children; it does speak to others!
Want to be an encouragement to you as well, have a wonderful holiday. Pray that your Dad & Mom are well and your Dad is doing better.
Blessings~ Lori

Mrs. U said...

Love this!!! Pinning this now!!

Mrs U

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Hey there. I love it! It is so pretty. Crafting on the porch with that view was amazing I am sure. Blessings!