Monday, December 07, 2015

Rudolph Family Night!

Having a fun little Rudolph party was our first advent calendar activity! I found some cute ideas on Pinterest and my little elves joined in the merriment of preparing together!

Rudolph Pancakes
Reindeer Applesauce cups
Reindeer Chow {inside the brown paper goody bags!}

We turned out all but the Christmas lights and one candle and watched the movie while we munched on these adorable pancakes!

Then it was time for some reindeer games!

Rudolph coloring pages
Reindeer Hunt {everyone's favorite!!}
Rudolph Mad Libs
Cute Rudolph lyrics free printable

This is such a special time of year to take time for these special memories with loved ones!


*carrie* said...

Oh my goodness, that is adorable. The pancakes are so cute! Pinning that idea for future. And so funny we watched the snow on the same night, but you were smart and got to skip the commercials! =)

Mom said...

LOVE!! :)

angie said...

Looking forward to the break from school to plan some family nights. Despite my kids being older, they still enjoy these themed nights.
When I followed your link to the Rudolph scavenger hunt, I also found a gratitude hunt that I want to do next Thanksgiving. Pinterest to the rescue, as I won't remember.
I love to see that your kids were creators of the applesauce cups and goody bags. Preparing the food and table is half the fun!
When I reflect on the many activities that you have inspired me to plan for my family, I'm grateful to you.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love this. How fun!

Jenny said...

You do realize that you are the cutest mom EVER, right?

Monica Wilkinson said...

*blush* you are all soooo sweet!