Monday, February 09, 2015

Samuel's 7th Birthday!

Bless Samuel's heart - David and I had the flu and were sick on his birthday. We had to reschedule his party for a week later - he was a trooper and we just celebrated twice! We sort of hobbled through some basic celebrations for him which you'll see all the way at the end of this post.

This little pirate-y theme honestly just came because of what I found on clearance. I know my military friends are not big on glamorizing pirates because their husbands get deployed to fight real-life pirates. So, I am sensitive to that - and this was just sweet childhood fun.

I offered to do a different theme that was more Samuel's taste, but he agreed this was what he wanted. So, there you go.

I honestly did not keep my receipt to know how much these clearance items were - but I am certain it was well below my $50 party limit. All the stripey pirate goods were from Target clearance.

The construction paper garland was free and languishing in my party box - I made it years ago for this Baseball party for David.

Thank you, Pinterest, for the activity inspirations! We played ring around the sword, walked the plank, pinned the patch on the pirate's eye and had a treasure hunt for their little goodie boxes.

Little goodies were from Target clearance, chocolate coins from Amazon and compasses from Hobby Lobby. The boxes were a clearance years ago after Halloween, I honestly do not remember where I got them.

Samuel wanted chocolate cake - so I just added a wooden skewer and "sail" and we were done! By the way, this is my absolute favorite chocolate cake recipe - it is so moist and turns out perfect every time.

I think I paid full price for the invites and the pirate sword for the game. These invites were fun and came with treasure chest thank you cards as well.

My festive helper!

Samuel loves bananas, so these seemed like a fun little party treat!

We also served hot dogs and "fish and chips"!

And, a few pics from our family celebration small though it was on his actual birthday:

He requested "pirate pancakes" for his birthday which I was unable to do because of lack of health. But, I managed to make it to Wal-Mart and muster the energy to pick up donuts and a cookies and cream pie for dessert.

He requested a Chick-fil-A lunch date with me - how could I refuse? I could not.

What a trooper with a fabulous attitude in spite of disappointments on his special day. That was a gift to me - how he responded.

Happy, Happy Birthday Samuel!
We love you SO much!!!


Shelby said...

So sweet😀. You did a great job and I always look forward to your birthday parties. Bless his heart for being a trooper.

Mom said...

A double birthday celebration for a special boy - happy birthday, Samuel!

Glad everyone is feeling better!
Love you, Mom

Leanne said...

our babies are SEVEN! time flies! happy birthday, Samuel! your parties are the cutest, Monica...I'm all about the "let's do Chuck E Cheese because mama needs no more noise in her house!"... thanks for sharing!!!!

*carrie* said...

Another great job. Fun to see how all the goodies came together.

Those Lego candles are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday Samuel!!!! tammy

Elise said...

Happy Birthday, Samuel!!! So funny, cause Fisher will be seven this year and I think we will be doing a pirate theme, too! Love all your fun touches!

Karen said...

I love all the touches! I have been a follower for a while and your blog is one of the first ones I click to read:). Happy belated birthday to Samuel:).

Mom said...

Loved all the decorations and refreshments, but those bananas - CUTE!

Kelli said...

Such a fun party...I love the fish and chips!

Julian said...

You did such a great job and what a sweet son! Christina

Anonymous said...

Such a cute party! I love all your decorations, but like your mom, I think the bananas are just too cute! Also the fish and chips. Bless Samuel's heart. He is such a sweet boy and good sport. Happy belated birthday, Samuel. Love you all, Grandma/ Nana