Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Glitter Jar Candles

Remember me mentioning Deeply Rooted magazine several weeks ago? I've been following them on Instagram and before we begin, I must tell you that issue 4 is FREE right now just for a few more days!

At any rate, I saw these lovely glittery jars on their IG feed and followed the link over to their blog. This project is SO easy - mine were done in about five minutes. Literally. Super simple and they look lovely and oh-so-sparkly all lit up!

I did mine with rosy and red glitter that I already had since I thought it would be Valentine-y! You'll spy them on a Slow Day post soon - but I wanted to share in case any of you wanted to make them for Valentine's Day this weekend!


Wendi said...

Love! I think I will make some to put on my outside table this summer. Add a citronella candle and we can enjoy the glittery light at twilight.

Anonymous said...

Oh so pretty!

Elise said...

I think I just found out what our teachers' Valentines will be! How pretty!!!!