Friday, November 14, 2014

Celebrating Ten: Patio Picnic

One of the beauties of renting a house is that we had a kitchen. I knew about the patio but I don't think I realized how charming it would be to step out the back door of the kitchen and land in this lovely spot. Completely. Charming.

If you watch the progression of photos beginning below in this post, you will see layering at work. I thought about it as I was doing it even. Layering seems to be so me - I love to layer clothes, pillows and quilts on couches, papers and more papers on art, different paints and splatters when painting, etc... Apparently I also like to layer picnic dinners on charming patios!

A couple of these items I brought from home {flowers, candle, flags} - but several were also shopped from the rental house {lantern, dishes, corn} and just enjoyed for the evening. It was the most eclectic table setting ever - vintage, shabby chic, industrial, harvest - but somehow it worked and it was sooooo magical.

Dinner brought from home was simple romaine salads {Emily LOVES salads!} and Red Lobster biscuits. I also made one of Emily's favorites - Cynthia's Heavenly Tea from the Mitford Cookbook.