Thursday, November 13, 2014

Celebrating Ten: Outside

It is probably sounding like we were gone for a two week mega vacation as long as it is taking me to share about it - but no! It was three nights and two full days, we just like to use our time to the fullest! We came home from the excitement of ear piercing and mall fun and just relaxed for about an hour. Then I suggested a walk, but Emily wanted to hit the hammock first!

We had driven by some people setting up a charming looking Halloween party and I wanted to walk by and get a closer look. Definitely kindred spirits - I am so glad we walked by later! I Googled it when we got home and sort of wish we'd stayed for $5 each, but when you see the picnic we had on our patio, it was worth skipping. Either way, it warmed my heart and was surprisingly refreshing to see such a cozy looking party that families were enjoying together. It has moved me in a sweet way and somehow lodged a cozy memory in my mind even though we were just observers.

They had set up a day bed, camp cots, little canvas tents, and so much more - here are a few pictures I was able to snap walking by ... and yes, that is someone dressed up like a Christmas tree!

And, then just more interesting details on our walk home ... crunchy leaves, old cobblestone sidewalks and streets, tons of architectural details. Swoon!