Monday, November 17, 2014

Celebrating Ten: Morning Two

Quiche Lorraine Scones with tea and juice were yummy before we scurried back to bed just to warm up! We lounged in bed and read the next installment of the She Reads Truth Hospitality study and finished off the American Girl Care and Keeping of You book. I gave Emily a journal so if she has something personal she wants to ask me about, she can write me a note and leave it on my pillow. I can then read and respond to her note and leave it on her pillow. I also found a cute soap dish and a bar of the soap I use for washing my face.

It was a perfect cozy morning for returning to our quilt project and we finished it by lunch time. The bottom line is it took a total of three hours hands on sewing. I kept it super simple by doing big strips of fabric sewn together in straight lines and then quilted it by machine sewing straight lines all the way down. She loves it. Win! Oh, I took it outside {brrrrr!} to get some pictures and then tossed it in the dryer for a few minutes - so the first time I handed it to Emily finished it was fresh from the dryer - ahhhhh, warm and cozy!!!

Yay we stayed in our jammies over half the day! We finished our quilt! Special memories, we are both having!