Monday, October 25, 2010

First Place Part Two

Did you read 1 Timothy chapter one? If you did, please share in the comments what jumped out at you!

If you haven't read it yet and want to - you can click here. Here are a few of my own thoughts - did you catch these words?

vs. 3: stay there
vs. 4: promote God's work and dispel anything contrary to it
vs. 5: pure heart, good conscience, sincere faith
vs. 6: do not wander from these things to meaningless talk
vs. 7: What do I want to be? I may be unqualified for as these men were?
vs. 12, "I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength that He considered me faithful, appointing me to His service."
vs. 14: His abundant grace
vs. 16: a display of His unlimited patience; His example through me: let it shine His light to others who may believe in Him! Be a living testimony!
vs. 17: now because of His patience and example through my life - may He receive all glory and honor for ever and ever.
vs. 18-19: fight the good fight, holding on to faith and a good conscience. Don't be like some who have given these things up or "shipwrecked their faith." Consider that...what does it look like to shipwreck our faith?
vs. 20: Imagine being named as one who did this and see what He did? ACK! Hand them over to Satan to learn a lesson - oh, Father - please protect me!
It was a sweet time of fellowship with God and in His Word where I felt like He was saying to stay put in what He has called me to do, to be faithful to those things He has given me without seeking more than what He is ordaining. Be faithful. Be focused on the things He wants me to be focused on. Be a good testimony to the example of His grace and patience in my life and shine His light to others.

I want God to be in first place in my life - I want to say that He always is. But, you and I all know the truth - He isn't always in that place I know He should be in. God has been helping me during my time away to restore Him to first place - but I know that it is an ongoing challenge and discipline that I can only do in His strength.

Above all, may He be glorified!


Jenny Lynn said...

you got me pondering. "Who I want to be?" stuck out

Charitable acts and Faith stuck out. I can't help to ponder that at times I am distracted away from the good of Christ by useless things that are not really bringing me closer to him.

barbara said...

I always appreciate your honesty. I too have been feeling empty and floundering in my quiet time. I'm taking you up on your challenge to read I & II Timothy. I started this morning, finding that God pointed out different things to me. But we are different and have different needs and we are asking God to speak to us and use us right where we are.


Leanne said...

I read verse 16 in 4 different translations...conviction literally washed over me.... thanks for sharing your heart!

rachel@thecupcakesprinklesinlife said...

I didn't get a chance to give you a hug "good-bye"... I looked around Saturday for you- but didn't see ya... So here it is...

I am so glad to have met you!!! You are truly a sweet soul Monica, I feel blessed to have had the moments to chat with you...

I think that we all came away from Relevant feeling "small", I definitely felt convictions and I heard God's voice speak to me in the aching spots of my heart... I havent' read first Timothy yet- so I will do so... I'll come back to this and reflect.

Angelia said...

I was blesssed to read this and study with you. In my notes I had studied on October 18 the same chapter with random notes that had no focus for me at the time but a second reading brought to light much needed wisdom. Thank you for encouraging me to read I Timothy Ch1. This morning I actually read the whole book thinking you had said I Timothy and I did not see you said chapter one.
I learned something in that as well.. my eyes glazed over in my reading of the whole book but when I read ch one, I was blessed with these notes:

V4 Promote God's work, where I am, and do it by faith.

V5 God's goal for me in this is to teach me Love, a pure heart, good concience and sincere faith as I live in the place that I am.

V6 I need to keep focused on God where I am right now and stay focused each step of the way.

V11 God entrust me with His Gospel. (WOW)

V12 God gives me strength, considers me faithful
and appointed me this position I have, to serve Him. (double WOW)

V13 God forgives me of my sins... Thank you GOD! (I need to live by faith not in condemnation nor in pride...but live by faith where I am in my walk with God)

V14 God pours Grace on me.... along with Faith and Love.
(Thank you God!) He gives me just what I need and all I need for life!

V15 God came to save sinners!
God came to save me!
(Thank you God!)
He wants to save all mankind and everyone who lives by faith shows what is ment for all... to be forgiven and saved.
I want to live showing I am forgiven and saved...
so that God can be glorified and honored.

V18 God has given me instructions to follow so I can fight the good fight by faith. (I can not even bake with out instructions much less live as God has planned for me each day.) MUST Get my instructions from God daily!

v19 I have to hold on to my faith and do what I believe is right or I will be a wreck!
(I have been a wreck)

V20 I pray I will listen to God and be taught by HIM. DO what He teaches me, where He has appointed me to be and live by faith where I am at, not in the past and not too far ahead...

Praying we will live by faith, in Him,
luv~ Angelia in TX