Saturday, October 23, 2010

What I'm Learning: What's Between 0 & #2?

Ok, that is a bit of cheesy reference to an o-l-d cheer I knew in um, Junior High! But, it is something we are all thinking about, right? Number One.

This could apply in so many ways - but I'm going to process it based on what is number one in our lives. Thursday night, I enjoyed the first Key Note speaker for Relevant - Crystal from Money Saving Mom. I've had the privilege of meeting her before and running into her again was a blessing and a treat!

I really felt like I was coming away to this conference as a sort of retreat and as a time to meet with the Lord and what Crystal shared was a perfect springboard for my time with Him later that night.

She'll be sharing her thoughts in a series on her blog (which has already started) so be watching as she had so many good ideas! I'm not here to recap her words for you but share about what came out of them in my heart.

One of the things I've been struggling with prior to coming on this trip was my time with the Lord. The last couple of weeks have just been difficult in my quiet time. I was having trouble focusing, feeling some hardness of heart and just not making as much quality time for it. I didn't know where to read in my Bible and sort of floundered when I did set the time aside and I usually left that time feeling sort of frustrated.

But, on the drive up here I just prayed that God would meet me here and draw me to Himself. To show me where to read in His word and make those words meaningful to me personally. Right now with where I'm at.

He laid on my heart 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus. Now, enter Crystal - her topic was "First Things First" and I so appreciated her real and vulnerable way of sharing things that have been a struggle for her and some ideas of things that have helped her as well.

I took a lot of great things away from what she shared, but I was eager to get alone with God and get things right there spending quality time with Him and in His Word right away. I skipped the Dayspring party (even though I did really want to go to that!) just really wanting to put the first thing first.

I did some journaling and praying through this to God. Next, I pulled out my Bible and opened to 1st Timothy and just started reading. It's been a long time since I read 1 Timothy! And, God just met me right where I was at and encouraged me through His Word.

Read 1 Timothy chapter one today and then come back tomorrow to hear the things that jumped out at me when reading it!


Angelia said...

Me too. I have struggle this past year plus some, with the order of things. It has seemed to be a bit harder doing the first things first...since I began homeschooling in 2008-2009. It is me and the wrong order of things....I am out of wack. I read I Timothy. I will get my notes and type them in the comments. I am glad you went to Relevant.
smiles, Angelia in TX

Nikki said...

Do you have a link for Crystal's blog? I used to follow her on Biblical Womanhood and Mom of Littles but she no longer blogs there. Thanks.