Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day In My Life, Day Three

Planned for today:
Empty Dishwasher
Dressed: E, R, S
Sweep Floor
Piano Tuner coming
Pull Weeds
Play Outside
Movie (Mama - mop)
Put Laundry Away
Finish b'day thank-you's
Thank you note to Amy
Rebates caught up
Call Grace
Continue on Activity Bags

5:30: wake/nurse Samuel
5:55: cut David's hair
6:10: read chapter 17 Shepherding A Child's Heart
6:45: e-mail; read blogs
7:10: ready for day; make bed
7:40: researched blog question for Carrie
7:55: ladies up; breakfast
8:35: clean up breakfast; empty dishwasher
8:50: girls dressed, teeth and hair brushed
9:00: Piano tuned
9:05: nurse Samuel; we sat and listened to the piano tuning for a while - girls were very interested!
9:40: outside; picked green beans, pulled weeds, had lots of help! :) Samuel came out with us and sat in bouncy chair. Grace called - bless her!
10:25: piano tuning finished, visited with neighbor; started movie and snack for ladies; quick e-mail check; put mail out
10:55: sweep kitchen and dining room floors; mop kitchen floor
11:15: wipe front of dishwasher, fridge and oven; set chicken out for dinner
11:25: practice Emily's verses; play piano - Emily danced, Rachel climbed on my lap
11:55: Lunch and clean up; naps; nurse Samuel; snuggle with Emily
1:00: check mail; e-mail; work on future blog posts
1:30: put laundry away; mop dining room floor (is it just me or how do other mothers get their floor mopped with littles awake? Mine won't stay off the floor or out of the cleaner, etc... - much easier to do during nap time!)
2:05: read
3:45: girls up; nurse Samuel
4:15: played the piano; girls danced
4:50: dinner prep and served; played the piano after dinner
7:05: clean up kitchen and potty accident
7:15: cut up chicken for tomorrow night dinner; finish cleaning up kitchen; fix David's lunch
7:30: nurse
7:50: girls in pj's; back to rock crying Samuel
8:25: to-do-list for tomorrow, read, held Samuel - tummy ache? Heard Samuel's first laugh when he quieted down!
10:00: lights out


Wendi said...

I so understand the mopping issue. If I can't do it at naptime then I have to put Megan in her highchair. I give her playdoh or paper & crayons. If not we both ended up stressed out!

Anonymous said...

I alway's had the same problem when my children were little. Mine are close together also. I finally gave them dry rags and let them dry the floor where I had mopped. That was their job. As I had more children I gave them damp rags to wipe base boards or door knobs. That helped me get the floor done. I would break it up just like you have done. Kitchen, then dinning later.

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

While I mop I give my girls big towels to dry the floor with. I use basic H so I don't need to worry about them touching the cleaner with there hands:)

Mary Ann said...

I do the mopping during nap time also. They are drawn to mopping and buckets of water like bees to honey!LOL!

I have a small list of tasks that are best done at nap or early in the morning before my childcare kids come and mopping is one of them!

Lee said...

I fill my kitchen sink with the soapy water so there is no bucket. Then I baracade the kitchen with the displaced chairs from the kitchen table. I usually have them playing in the living room anyway. I can still see them, but short of them moving the chairs, they can't get to me. Then I mop the floor right by them and hope it dries quickly. Honestly, I swiffer sweep EVERY day usually a couple times, so I don't mop very often. :)

Thanks for the laugh about my geranium. I had to chuckle. You can TOTALLY tell, this is not my forte. Blessings today, Monica.

I love this series, btw.

Unknown said...

Cutting hair before 6am?! WOW, that's impressive!!

I'm waiting a week to track my day...we have no A/C this week (waiting on a new unit), so it's far from typical. I'm not cooking because of the heat (mother-in-law has been bringing meals) and I'm doing very little cleaning. So, I will track next week...both kids will be out of school then and you guys can see what a typical summer week looks like with teenagers!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a very busy day for you. Being a mom in it's self is a lot of work but very rewarding.