Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Day In My Life, Day Two

Planned To-Do List:

Empty Dishwasher
Start Laundry
Clean Master Bathroom
Empty Trash Cans (Hall Bath and Samuel's room)
Movie/Snack: Mama - make banana bread
Play with Activity Bags
Mama - watch movie (free Blockbuster On-line trial); during movie: iron, pluck eyebrows
Research extra house payment from 07 that is not showing on statement
Call on anesthesia bill from Rachel's birth (don't get me started)
Call Grace
Post Office

What actually happened:

5:45: wake; time with David while he gets ready for work
6:15: read Shepherding A Child's Heart finish chapter 15 and read chapter 16
6:35: e-mail, blogs, start laundry
7:05: ready for day; nurse Samuel; make bed; meditate on Proverbs 31:15
7:35: girls up; laundry switch; breakfast
8:20: empty dishwasher
8:25: Emily, Rachel, Samuel baths, hair, nails trimmed, teeth brushed; how this works is I put the girls in the tub and give Samuel a bath in the sink while they are occupied. Then I put him in the bouncy chair just outside the bathroom door and finish up with the ladies.
9:10: Vacuum and switch laundry; Rachel helped with laundry, Emily put vacuum away
9:30: took mail out; emptied trash cans; clean Master Bath - ladies helped with all of these things. Each carried out half the mail, one held the trash bag and the other emptied the can, each carried a bag to the garbage can outside; for the bathroom - Emily cleans the toilet and Rachel rinses the tub after I've scrubbed it; then we work on the sink area - Emily cleans the mirror with my help and then I scrub the sinks and Rachel rinses them. All wash hands!
9:50: snack/movie; Mama: make banana bread and tea for David; our dog caught a squirrel so I had to call and have someone help me out with that because she was trying to eat the squirrel - gross!; L/M for anesthesia office
10:15: folded two loads of laundry and sat with ladies watching movie; switched last load to dryer
10:45: Activity Bags - girls played until 11:30! I played until 11:15 and then sat with them the other 15 minutes while nursing.
11:15: nurse Samuel
11:40: fix lunch
12:15: naps; M - blog
12:30: Watch Hidden Places (movie was ok - book was much better); during the movie I folded a load of clothes, did the ironing, plucked my eyebrows and worked on a Proverbs 31 craft project
2:10: check mail; worked on 4th and 5th Proverbs 31 craft projects
2:55: nurse Samuel
3:20: ladies awake; Daddy home
3:30: went to Post Office and Staples (I know I am not the only mom who wishes there was a drive through post office! I left all three littles at home with Daddy to simplify this errand.)
4:05: home; phone calls
4:20: researched house payment; called mortgage company to try and straighten it out
4:45: ordered pizza for company coming for dinner; fumed over aggravating phone call :)
5:05: put E, R, S laundry away
5:15: Company
7:40: nurse Samuel; clean up with Emily and Rachel - ready for bed
8:10: clean up kitchen; fix David's lunch; call brother-in-law regarding aforementioned mortgage question
8:40: to-do list for tomorrow; read


Barbie @ Mamaology said...

Monica, this must of really taken some time to do for a whole week...record your days. Thanks for doing so! It's always helpful to see how someone else spends there time:)

Lisa Welchel does it for a day in her life in her book Creative Correction:)

Anonymous said...

Wow Monica you are a busy lady!!! I am glad you shared and so inspired with how organized (to do list) you are and how much you get done!!!! It is wonderful the way the ladies help you-such great training!!! tammyp

Christi said...


I love this peek into your life (wait, is this the same comment I left yesterday?). Anyway, it's wonderful to me to see how other families spend their days.

Thanks for taking the time to do this!

Anonymous said...

WOW...you got a lot done. Shepherding a Child's Heart is on of my favorite parenting books. I can't wait to see the craft you were working on.

off to start my own to do list,

Mrs. Pear said...

Thank you so much for sharing this! It encourages me and gives me lots of ideas! Thank you!

Wendi said...

Very inspiring Monica! It is always fun to see how someone else plans their day.

3boysmama said...

This is very helpful! I have a new baby two with two older ones still at home. I always wonder how you do it!

Jamie - Family Focused Fun said...

Monica - I hear you on the post office! If they can't make a drive through post office can't they at least install automatic doors?! I always wonder how one is supposed to carry children and packages while pushing open a door! It's pretty much impossible depending on the size of package!

Marianna said...

Funny that you watched Hidden Places because that's the next movie on my list... I loved the book. At least now I'm prepared that it won't be as good as the book.

You are a busy woman. I can normally relate. Right now I am living life in the slow lane until Vance arrives. What a sweet day that will be!!!

Susan said...

I am really enjoying reading the way you structure your day. I think that is great the way you involve your girls in the cleaning. I have found that my boy loves to help out too.

Tracey said...

Interesting squirrel problem! My dad used to set "nice traps"...only trap no killing and then he'd take them out of town and release them.

Jen said...

Monica-I am so enjoying your days! My kids are older now (15, 12, 10, 8) but I will remember these busy days when going to the bathroom had to be "scheduled" (or it seemed that way anyway!) I am curious about David's banana bread. Is that all he eats for breakfast? Is is every day? How do you manage to keep enough ripe bananas on hand?? You are a blessing!