Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Fold edges of envelope in and glue bottom flap to sides. Fold top edge over. This completes the envelope. To mail, use a white label to address and tape or stickers to seal the back. Imagine how cheery this will look arriving in a friend's mailbox!
Your notecard and envelope are complete! So pretty!

Keep some notecards on hand so that they are ready anytime you need them, or to create a gift. I keep mine in an unused ice cube bin.

Stack together six notecards (or desired number) to create an inexpensive and thoughtful homemade gift to give away!


Queen of Carrots said...

Very nice! I make cards by sewing fabric shapes onto plain cards, but this would be even cheaper and quicker, so I'll give it a try sometime!

Beck said...

What a good idea! And the resulting cards are very pretty too. I also like how organized you are.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant, thank you I can't wait to start making these!!