Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Baby Doll Advice?

We're wanting to get Emily a baby doll for when her new sister is born. I was a bit overwhelmed on the doll aisle as to how many kinds, options, etc... there are. We don't need or want anything fancy - but I'm wondering if any of you experienced moms have any input in helping us to decide? Thanks!


dawn said...

Not very experienced, but I'm looking at getting a new baby for my 19-1/2 month old that she can dress and diaper (especially diaper ... she wants to use the disposable ones! Yikes!), so I would recommend one that has a couple of diapers and maybe a pacifier (if you use one?) Anyway, one that comes with a lot of the things you use with your baby would be good as, at least in my experience, she'll want to copy what you do.

Anonymous said...

If you want realistic, Lissi dolls are great. The body is soft but they look SO much like a real baby that if you walk in a room and see it, you will think it is real for a second.

We have had one for about 15 years now.

I know QVC has them on their website.

There is also a nice one at Target made by one of the companies that makes strollers.
Some of them come with a little booster seat.
Very cute.

Megan said...

We're kind of American Girl biased in this department, but then again, Grandma was doing the shopping, so we could be. They are great dolls and my girls love them. They each have their own Bitty Baby and that is the only doll we've allowed them to keep, so when the plethora of cheap baby dolls started rolling in (and they did for a seaon, but have since stopped when everyone realied we were serious), we'd immediately give them away. They each only have that one baby doll.

But as I said, they are expensive...

Just our $0.02 (or $50.00, however you want to look at it!) :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:
Your Mother had a "Gerber Baby" doll when Aunt Joanie was born. I'm sure they don't make them anymore, but she was very realistic-looking for that day & age. She was made out of rubber & she (your mother) could actually feed her a bottle of water & it would come through the other end, so she would have to change her diaper. I'm sure they have many such dolls on the market now...only even more realistic. There were also what we called "Betsy-Wetsy" dolls back then. I'm not sure if we ever had one or not, though. I wish we still had the Gerber baby-doll! I don't know what ever happened to it.
Good luck in your search!
Love, Grandma

Monica Wilkinson said...

Mom still has the Gerber baby! :)

Shannon said...

Hi! I found you from Shannon's and your site is just great! My little girl was 20 months when our new little guy came along in January so she got a new babydoll for Christmas. I wanted something really beautiful that would last and my mom got her a Baby Annabelle from Zapf and it is a beautiful doll. She came with a bottle and paci and makes real noises and goes to sleep. My daughter loves her! There are only two drawbacks. One, the doll was a little heavy for her to tote around when she got her - although it's no problem now. And second, the bottle has a long...prong-type thing instead of a regular nipple. It goes in the doll's mouth to trigger the noises. The only reason it might be a problem is if your little girl decided to feed the new baby with the bottle:(

Laurie said...

I don't know how old Emily is, but assuming she is 2 or 3 I would go for something really soft and cuddly. It is fun if there are diapers, clothes etc. that can be taken on and off. It is also nice if she has hair that can be brushed. I, too, love the American dolls, but I wouldn't get one for a young child. Grandma buys the American dolls in our extended family and she makes her grand-daughters wait 'til they are eight. She wants to be sure they are able to understand how special the dolls are.

Anonymous said...

My best advice is to let the child choose. They know what they want!