Monday, February 11, 2019

Valentine's Day Open Tabs

Ombre Raspberry Lemon Sugar Cookies - so beautiful!

Order a heart-shaped pizza from participating Papa John's pizza stores. Try Retail Me Not for a discount code!

Cupid's donut hole arrows - cute breakfast idea.

Simple and thrifty Valentine table runner with brown kraft paper and x's and o's!

Pretty color scheme with the black/white and pops of color from beautiful blooms.

I love the look of these mini no-bake cheesecakes in jelly jars.

Pictured above: making Valentine's using only things I already have on hand!

What are you planning for Valentine's fun this year?


*carrie* said...

So cute!

What do you think of the cinnamon tea?

Mary Ann said...

Those little cheesecakes look really good! I think I'll try them for a special Valentine's treat!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

Please post what you make with your goodies you have on hand. I am going to have a couple of friends over on Wed for a little Galentine party. I'm making cranberry jalapeno jelly over cream cheese with homemade crackers, strawberry meringues and homemade truffles. I'm creating a goodie box for each of them with handmade heart handwarmers (we have been having true freezing weather this winter!), sugar scrub that you make with crushed conversation hearts, and a cute little notepad made with a store bought card (which looks like the floral one in your photo).

Monica Wilkinson said...

@debbiedee: I just used the shown supplies to make cards, write a note and tuck in a cute tea bag which I wrapped in scrapbook paper and twine. Simple and FREE! The notecards are from Dollar Tree!