Thursday, September 16, 2021

Mini Quiet Retreat

As mentioned already this week, in an effort to find pockets of slow - I am having to get creative these days! This past weekend, the girls had a party to go to and it was in a part of town I enjoy so I decided to take myself for a little solitary quiet retreat. It was about two hours and nothing super planned or life changing - but so good to just be still.

I picked up my favorite take out and found a bench at a park and then transitioned to the closest boat landing to watch the sunset. The lesson I'm taking from this is that even an hour is a gift and I may make this a weekly thing during one of Rachel's ballet classes. 

Monday, September 13, 2021

Snips of Slow

Slow is much different around our house these days. I'm still looking for pockets of slow and still very much value the beauty of margin when we can. But taking an entire slow day is not always possible in our current season. 

This past Wednesday I took a walk and noticed little bits of beauty, I slowed down and took a few photos and I cultivated a heart of slow in the moments I was able to. It is still a blessing! And still worth pursuing!

Tuesday, September 07, 2021

First Day of School


Three teenagers.

Three different school options.

Three different starting dates.

It has been a busy month getting everyone back to school! But, we are getting into a new routine and Lord willing, this will be a great year for our three students!

Emily is a junior at our local Classical Christian school. She is thriving in this environment and we are so grateful that this is an option for her.

Rachel is homeschooling as a sophomore - she is doing great at managing her time and schoolwork on mostly on her own. We created our own combination of things for her in an effort to land in a place that feeds her spirit more and works with her personality. She and a friend do two classes together on Fridays that I lead - currently we are doing an art history class and a Jane Austen class. It is so fun!

Samuel is in 8th grade and adjusting to a hybrid cottage school which means he goes to school two days per week and comes home with work to do the other three days. It has been a little bumpy getting into a groove, but he is making progress and adjusting!

Here are some pictures from our school beginnings! I ordered the adorable cookies from a local baker.