Friday, March 27, 2020

All the Random Things

Hello friends!

How are you doing with the quarantine? I hope everyone is staying healthy and navigating the many changes we are all walking through with lots of grace for yourself!

Hmmm, where to even start on an update from here?! I had the flu a few weeks ago and then went to Oklahoma to visit my dear friend Melissa. Who knew how fast things would change while I was away, leaving me wondering if I would even be able to get home!

Thankfully, my travel home all went smoothly and I have a little less than a week until I've been home two weeks so I'm thankful every day that I wake up still feeling good. After having pneumonia in the Fall, there is no way I want that again and I know my immune system is worn down from having so much sickness the past six months. Trying to be vigilant running our diffuser, putting Thieves oil on my feet every night, drinking lots of water, washing hands and taking vitamins daily.

Speaking of the diffuser, in addition to Thieves, my new favorite is Christmas Spirit - it is so homey and I'm just really loving the scent of it right now! Trying to alternate between these two favorites!

My kids and I signed up for Kelle Hampton's Framed photography course that runs the next week - super excited about feeling inspired creatively and capturing some beautiful memories of this unique time. Granted, our schedule really isn't much different during the days right now - but the extras such as soccer, ballet and youth group are missed!

We've enjoyed listening to Andrew Peterson read aloud the first book of the Wingfeather Saga each evening and working on a puzzle I found in a Little Free Library a couple of months ago. In addition, I'm working through a pile of library books that I had already checked out before the quarantine and have made face masks to donate to local healthcare workers.

Here are a few things I've enjoyed lately:

I loved this article by Ann Swindell on the Deeply Rooted blog! Writing for Christ's Glory

Through a friend, I recently discovered the A Wife Like Me blog and it has been a blessing to explore!

This was such a cute list of diffuser blends that go along with favorite classic book titles!

Tell me what you're enjoying this week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sick Day Beauties

Monday, March 09, 2020

The Gift of Nature