Friday, February 08, 2019

Samuel's Birthday

We celebrated Samuel's 11th birthday last weekend! Since he loves to play games, I suggested a board game gathering for some of his friends! This was the simplest party which makes for a happy mama and it certainly fit my thrifty needs as well!

I found this great free and editable printable invite that looked like a Monopoly board! They have other free Monopoly printables that are cute and fun as well!

Decorations were all pieces from board games and we played games we already had. I bought four pizzas at Little Caesars and served with fruits/veggies I already had on hand. We made cupcakes from scratch for dessert.

Total spent: $22 {for pizza}

Bonus: this party essentially runs itself - I sat in the kitchen and read a book nearby while they played a game. A spontaneous Nerf war broke out and lots of chasing the dog around the yard too!


Mom said...

Great idea! So glad our boy had a fun celebration. :)

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday, Samuel!

Your parties always look so wonderful and so thrifty! Very inspiring!

Wendi said...

Love this party! Simple, yet full of fun. Happy Birthday, Samuel!