Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Enjoying a slow weekend is top on my list of favorite things! This weekend was a great mix of go, stay home, create and tidy.

We kicked the weekend off with juicing a bag full of lemons we were given by a neighbor who has several lemon trees in their yard! Our lemons yielded an entire quart of lemon juice! I'm freezing it in 1 Tbsp. cubes {ice cube trays} for use in tea or recipes.

I made pizza bread for dinner and baked a loaf of poppy seed bread for breakfast a few days later. It looked so homey cooling atop the stove!

Saturday dawned super chilly {for here} and I was thrilled to get to wear my coat! Met a sweet friend for breakfast downtown and wanted to take a photo walk but it was sort of rainy so had to skip that part.

Next on tap was to pack up the Christmas decor and help the girls with their room. For Christmas, we gave the girls tickets to the Swan Lake ballet which was Saturday night. We used an Olive Garden gift card we received for Christmas to have dinner out and for the first time {for the girls} ordered dessert! YUM!

The ballet was great! Loved all of the various costumes and music - we'd never seen this ballet before so it was a fun new experience. The streets near the theatre were still so decorated for Christmas, I had to snap a couple of pix at a red light! Meanwhile, the boys went to Star Wars!

Sunday afternoon was chilly and so cozy. I made beef stew, taught the girls to finger knit and just generally enjoyed the slow pace of the day.

What did you do this weekend?


Unknown said...

How fun!

Wendi said...

I love those weekends that are productive and restful. I find that when I have that going out is much more enjoyable. We usually hit Olive Garden once a year. Megan always eyes the desert menu. This summer we spontaneously went one Sunday after church while we waited for our time slot at the Compassion Experience. We told her to order desert. Her eyes got huge and she thought it was the best ever!

Mom said...

Sounds (and looks) lovely! You're right that a combination of go, stay, tidy, and create makes for a perfect weekend - so glad you and the girls had such a nice evening at the ballet (and that the boys had their own fun)!