Monday, January 09, 2017

Filling Beauty

As I was recently reading through a past issue of Deeply Rooted magazine, I saw a couple of recipes I wanted to try. One of them is still on my to try list, but today I'm referring to two recipes I did try! Ginger Lemon Tea and Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies!

There is something about the large format of magazine pages and the beautiful and inspiring layout that I simply love. I love magazines!

And I'm not usually content to just flip through the pages, I want to try something from the issues I peruse. This was no exception - it is so energizing and refreshing to me to do things like this.

I added the ingredients for these recipes to my grocery list and eagerly waited for just the right time to pull them out. For over a week, I dreamed about how pretty all the colored ingredients would look in a photo. The elements of God's creativity that He has given us are so amazing!

The various textures, shapes, colors, tastes, smells, etc. are all such a joy to our senses.

First, let's talk tea. I really want to love hot tea, I love the slowness of sipping a hot cup and the warming of my insides. I don't love that I frequently get headaches after drinking tea {I only drink herbal or decaf and still this happens!} and don't always love the taste. I don't love the added sugar but don't like the taste of unsweetened. With this said, I have had tea that I like - liking it consistently is not happening right now. I love hot chocolate - but again, hello sugar!

Anyway, I was intrigued by this tea since it didn't actually use any tea. Just ginger, lemon and honey. It is very similar to this recipe. None of my children really enjoyed it but I loved it! So simple and pure, lovely ingredients and tasted great!

I wasn't really sure how the flavors of the cookies and tea would go together but they were really yummy together! Oatmeal + craisins + choc chips + pecans + nutmeg. Oh my, so yummy! I typically don't love dried fruit and especially don't love fruit in a dessert but these were a success!

Enjoying afternoons like this is very filling to me - and in a season of feeling empty and weary, it is a double gift. A beauty that can fill tummies and warm our insides as we sit around the table together and even the act of beauty that baking and preparing ingredients can provide. Both are filling in their own way.

Thank You, Lord for the filling of the beauty of what You provide for us. Both for the work of my hands and the creativity in the kitchen and also the way it provides energy for our bodies to serve. Thank You for the beauty of sharing food and drink together gathered around the table and what sweet memories are captured in the delights to our senses. I am grateful.


Unknown said...

Lovely words! Looks yummy!

Wendi said...

Beautiful! I find that one spot of beauty, even in mist of chaos, energized me.

Mary Ann said...

Beautiful pictures! I am constantly amazed at how beautiful whole foods are! The tea sounds wonderful--my mom used to always make us hot "lemonade" when we were sick with colds. It was lemon juice, hot water and honey to sweeten. Ginger would be great added in! I was feeling poorly one day last week and simmered some fresh chunks of ginger and cinnamon in a pan of water on the stove. I sipped on it throughout the afternoon and it really did help and tasted yummy too!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

So pretty. I love finding things like this that energize me or refresh me. Nature walks or just a walk does for me what this does for you. I love how God created us all different but also supplies beauty and creativity in all different aspects of lives.

Debbie Wright said...

Monica, this is a lovely post - the pictures fill me with a sense of calmness and appreciation for the beauty. You have a true talent, and a gift - with words and picture. I am so blessed to be the recipient of you sharing your gifts via your blog. May your day be blessed - mine surely has!

*carrie* said...

Nice food styling. =)

I'm going to try the lemon ginger "tea." I keep fresh ginger on hand for an elixir I make when fighting a cold.