Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Slow Day

Slow Day at home. Ahhh, bliss.
Cinnamon toast on homemade bread for breakfast.
Packing away a little Christmas and adding some family memorabilia to my farm wall - this is my favorite spot in our house right now.
Peanut butter cookies.
A long afternoon visit with a friend.
Imaginative play.
Emily found this mini bloom in the yard.
Loving Sally Clarkson's book Own Your Life right now!


*carrie* said...

Love what you did with the old family stuff you brought home! I made the apple cake the other night using the old typewritten recipe from Gma.

I think Nathan forgot about those Jenny Cote books. I'll have to remind him, as I think he's only read 4 so far.

Enjoying the Lifegiving Home book you're loaning me!

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

Looks bliss indeed.

Mom said...

What a great way to display and enjoy family memories - Grandma would be pleased! :)