Friday, December 11, 2015

December Photo Project

It's December Photo Project time again! Yay! I love this fun little tradition :) I'm posting my photos on Instagram again this year each day but will probably recap once a week here also. Anyone else want to join? It's easy - just take and post one photo a day during December! {#dpp2015}

So, now for a little commentary on the photos. I posted a couple of weeks ago that I found this amazing clock at Salvation Army thrift store for $10!!! I love how fun it looks with some free evergreen clippings and a plaid bow around it!

We're taking lots of time to do intentional fun seasonal activities each day - the first photo below shows a lunch tea party we had one day with a fun new-to-us library book we've read over and over already!

I'm enjoying the She Reads Truth Advent study!

Festive pot pie with leftover turkey and broth made from the bones - yummmmmmm!!!

Christmas Craft Day hot cocoa bar!!


Shelby said...

Darling. Love all your little details. They don't go unnoticed. I'm hosting dinner tomorrow for a couple and their 4 boys from church and I don't mind hosting, but I'm bad at the little details. That's why I love you and all your details:)

Unknown said...

Yes I agree. All the love put into all the details. You really have a gift for that! Thanks for sharing! Christina

Tina Leigh said...

How I wish I had just a dash of your creativity! Licking the screen!

*carrie* said...

Wow, that clock is so cool. What a great find!