Monday, December 14, 2015

Handmade Christmas: Sermon Notebook

We are keeping our gift-giving to the younger crowd in our home to a minimum this year - I will fill their stockings and re-fill their activity-calendars and maybe another small item or two.

I came across this free download via Pinterest and had fun putting this together! It was actually pretty quick/easy to do - I printed enough pages so it will last for all 52 weeks this coming year and took it to Staples to get it spiral bound. It was less than $5 to have it bound.

Sort of an accident that I forgot to print back to back, but now I like that it has built in blank pages for drawing/doodling/further note taking.

Are you doing anything handmade for Christmas? I'd love to hear about it!!!


Simply Quaint said...

Monica I justify love all of your ideas, you keep things simple but so meaningful and loving...... I do do handmade gifts, that is about all my husband and I do is too much of things that are not meaningful....I want to give items that are cherished and one of a kind......I do buy a few items but not many, we also keep at a budget, our children are grown and married with children of their own, we make a gift for the couples, grandchildren get a handmade gift or two and a couple have gotten something small bought.....things made this year, a toy chest with bookshelf for new granddaughter all out of free wood and supplies we had on hand, a crocheted afagan, a ceiling fan I painted the blades to match grandsons room, nascar, a shoe bag for dance and gymnastic shoes for granddaughter, a barn wood bookshelf for daughter and spouse, a photo book for daughter of the birth of her first baby this is from snapfish great deal on that......

Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas I just love reading your blog.....

Rhonda in Ohio

angie said...

are the sermon notes booklets for you children or adults in your life?
I'm trying to minimize the amount of gifts, too.
As far as handmade, I've put together cardboard tubes filled with mints for folks that I just want to know that I appreciate them. I've filled berry baskets with hand soap and a kitchen towel for other small gifts.
Hanna is making cord 'tacos' for securing charger cords and earphones without tangles or cinching. She also made lotion bars.

Wendi said...

I love this notebook! I may have to make one for myself. I find that I scribble on the buletin insert and then end of with a million pieces of paper falling out of my Bible. Thanks for sharing!

Tina Leigh said...

I love your sermon journal, a very intentional idea. We do not usually give gifts to one another except for the little children. My husband and I cook a big family meal for our adult children & grands and our parents. I am not a creative person but for my 8 year old granddaughter, I have found a few nice gifts that will bring out her creativity. A sewing kit, a fairy garden to put together and some things for her to draw with. I haven't bought much for my grandson but it will be "learning" based things.
My mother & father-n-law give a family box of "goodies" to each of their children. It has enough items to feed each grown child's family along with grandkids. The boxes usually contain the following items: box of pancake mix, bottle of cane syrup, pack of smoked bacon, pack of fresh bacon, pack of patty sausage, pack of fresh sausage, homemade pecan cheese ball, box of "Sociable" crackers, pecan brittle, peanut brittle, pecan pie muffins, usually an Amish loaf of bread & a honey bun cake (or some sort of cake or pecan pie) apples & oranges. There is a pig farmer near them that does his own meat which is very good so that is why they give fresh pork items. My parents-n-LOVE, spend a lot of time making the goodies from scratch & putting the boxes together. They can different things throughout the year and add jams & preserves also. It is not cheap and definitely a labor of love.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

What a wonderful month you are having. You are blessed of the Lord and highly favored.
Happy Christmas time.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

First off I love that idea of a sermon journal not just for kids but for me. I love taking notes. They tend to be everywhere. :)

Due to my health issues I am having to put some "fun homemade" things on the backburner. But I am making a Joy Jar for my aunt's. I found the cutest small jars with snap lids. They have a chalkboard label on them and burlap already. I got them at Michael's for a $1.50!

I am printing out scriptures and joyful quotes for them and filling the jar for them to use as they need a JOY boost!

Other than that everything is store bought sadly. :( I had so many plans, ideas, and dreams of making homemade things. I usually always do candies and cookies for neighbors and close friends. I am not sure if I will be up to it. But all the same I am planning to be better prepared next year and start working on things a lot earlier.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

By the way Tina Leigh's family gift she receives is amazing!!!!!