Monday, September 21, 2015

Lean In

For the past few weeks, I've consistently had one hymn stuck in my head. It comes seemingly out of nowhere and takes up residence and I sing it over and over throughout my days.

Come, Thou fount of every blessing...

I've enjoyed looking up and listening to various versions - here are a few favorites if you want to listen too:

Sarah Noelle
Sufjan Stevens
David Crowder
Chris Rice
All Sons & Daughters

And, then this on She Reads Truth: Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing

When there is a consistent thought on my heart like this, I long to know why it is there. Lord, I am listening - what do You want to say to me? How do I take this message and make it mine? What do You want me to do with it?

It's a tricky balance, this wanting to lean in to what God is laying on the heart and not going overboard. And, overthinking is one of my trademarks.

For now, I am listening. And singing!

Do you have a song stuck in your head/heart lately?


Anonymous said...

Jadon Lavik's version is beautiful, too. I like TobyMac's new song, Feel It. It makes me feel GOOD!


Wendi said...

Matt Redman's Never Once. I keep singing "God you are faithful, God you are faithful" over and over again. That has been running through my head for weeks. I guess I need the reminder that God will not leave me and is always faithful.

Anonymous said...

My head-song has been "Great is Thy Faithfulness" as of late. Yesterday in church I heard a new-to-me hymn. The lyrics really spoke to me because they describe using enough ink to write of God's love. As a lover of words, I could relate. I need to dig through the recycling to find the song sheet. (Our church's meeting place is under renovation, so we have been worshipping outside during September. LOVE!)
You have mentioned She Reads Truth before. I read the entry that you linked to in this post. Is this something I could subscribe to on a daily basis?

Denise said...

That was my theme song through the last half of last year, it seems! I love it when He gives us Scripture, songs of praise, wonder, to meditate upon! I don't think you can "over think" His greatness! Wow! Such a thought! That the God of wonders shares such things with us! So thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit!

Anonymous said...

Fernando Ortega...

Anonymous said...

Just went to the devotion on she reads truth and saw the link to Fernando!!! Have ya given it a listen?? So good. Lord Bless you!tammy the last one was from me too...