Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Quietly You

Every so often I have this desire to really quiet my life. I know, I know - you hear it all the time in my slow mantra. But this is different. It is more of a withdrawing into small-ness, letting the world go by without noticing, just doing what we were created to do quietly.

Our world now is so noisy. And sometimes it might feel hard to be heard when your platform is of such emphasis and so many are climbing up on their own platforms also. I've never seen this space as a platform, but more of as a table of offering.

Me being me, offering it to God. Sharing and processing and creating.

When we had our quiet long weekend, I was reminded that I will continue to write and study and take pictures and create beauty and serve my family lovely meals whether I take pictures of them or not, whether I can share my beauty with others or not. We had an amazing fajita fiesta for David's birthday {thank you, PW!} and I resisted the urge to take a photo and post it to Instagram. I just wanted to quietly be me in that moment.

You've heard the thought - find that thing you are willing to do for free and do it! When we find that thing {or more than one thing} it usually makes us so alive, so ourselves that we would do it no matter what. We can't help it.

That is right where God is. He made us, He designed us and for a lovely purpose - to bring Him glory!

We are still serving as a family, but I'm not going to keep making a list here about what we did because it feels like putting it on display. Even though that is not my motive, my motive is to encourage and inspire you with ideas to serve as a family, yet I want to be careful not to give that impression. Just to quietly do what we know we are called to do. Quietly serve those around us.

I am always writing, I fill journals and type huge Word documents and write on any scrap of paper or receipt I can find in my purse. I can't help it. It is part of me and it is something I will continue doing in an honest response to being the me God created.

It seems to be hitting me at home too - I'm wanting to quiet spaces by removing a layer and just enjoying a simpler version. Not sure where to start on that one yet, but am looking for opportunity.

This post went a different direction than I thought it would - and is sort of all over the place. But, here it is - a quiet offering of me being me and praying it glorifies God.

What is that thing you would do for free? If nobody saw or noticed? What is it that makes you feel most yourself?

*Photos: ordinary quiet from our house lately*


Tina Leigh said...

That is pretty deep Monica. I like doing things for others, I don't know how I would be me if I couldn't do that. The act of service and or encouragement are my talents from God. So I don't know how to answer that. I can say I don't get a "my life is on display for my benefit and glory" from you & your blog. I see your heart for Him in your service to your family. Women, especially young women need more like You as influences in this loud demanding world we live in! You show SELFLESSNESS on your blog & sacrifice. We need that in this culture.

Unknown said...

Beautiful post Monica! Mine is caring for others. And my family. Nurturing others. :) Christina

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

I love to give goodies, or happies as I like to call them, to others. Beautiful post!

Lauren Klein said...

I love the way you humbly share your service to others. I think you are leading by example and you are DEFINITELY not the type person to be showy or boast. By you showing how you serve others it give readers ideas they may not have thought of.

I love the elderly and babies and young children as well as people with handicaps. I find myself drawn to speaking to them when others may see them as invisible. I am glad God gave each of us a different passion :)

Anonymous said...

Realizing that I never commented on this post that left me deep in my own thoughts. What would I do for free even if nobody noticed? I think my answer is writing and sending cards, making and giving gifts, and sorting and organizing our home for ease of living.