Monday, March 09, 2015

Spring Hoop Wreath

It is now way past Valentine's Day and definitely time to update the front door! I still love my Twine Cross but would like to pull that out Easter week. I also wanted something very cheery - I admitted on Instagram that I don't naturally love Spring, so trying to move past that and enjoy bright, fun, happy colors and the beautiful photos I can snag of blooms popping out!

This is a very easy project and made from all things I had on hand! I started with a fairly large embroidery hoop and wrapped the outer edge with fabric scraps. My favorite place to find embroidery hoops is the thrift store! They are usually about twenty-five cents each.

I found this pom pom yarn months ago at Michael's on clearance. It reminded me so much of Rachel that I thought I might make her something out of it. But, it is a huge pain to crochet with - so I've decided to use it for crafting instead. I just wrapped it around in a crazy pattern until I was satisfied. Then tied both ends to secure.

It's actually really cute just like that and you could certainly be done at this point. I wanted something meaningful so continued by adding words that have been on my heart/mind and little scrapbook paper cameos: a dad, mom, two girls and a boy. Awww, sweet!

Since my wreath is going to hang outside and it is super humid here - I laminated my words so they would last longer. That makes it tricky to take photos but definitely more durable!! Just hole-punch and tie on with twine.

What do you put on your front door for Spring?


Lisa said...

Really cute!

Shelby said...

I love it, so bright a cheerful. I have a wreath that is made from forsythia that I usually put on, but I might need to do something different.

Elise said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE this!!! That yarn is scrumptious!!! I was going to ask where it came from, but then you said. I think my Michael's must have never had it, because I would have snatched it right on up!

So for what I put on my door...I am wanting to make a wreath and got some cute stuffs at the Target $ spot to use. I also saw a cut out of a bunny on someone's ig before that was adorable!

angie said...

Currently, nothing is hanging on my front door. While our house is on the market, I need to keep it neutral. Besides, my craft supplies are packed away in the basement. But, it is just a season, and I'll enjoy the beauty that you are creating for now.
I guess you don't favor spring because it begins the warm-up in temps. Hanna and I were just discussing how she prefers spring and its colors, while I'm definitely a fall favoring gal.