Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Playing Tourist

Samuel has been taking violin since last Fall - when we started it was about a thirty minute drive, but after Christmas we switched {same teacher} to a closer class. I love this one because it means we get to go downtown, which is small and quaint.

I keep seeing shops I want to peek into and things I'd love to take a picture of. One week after violin, I told my littles we were going to go out for lunch. The only rule was we had to go somewhere new to all of us!

We had such a fun time! And, it was a unique experience allowing my children to order off of a menu {very rare!} and to choose something when there was no kids meal available. They all chose well and all ate everything they ordered!

Of course, I loved the light, the ambiance, the enamelware plates and striped napkins, the holly peeking in the window, so fun!

We enjoyed a slow lunch, walked to the library and then headed home. There will be lots more for us to explore another day! Thoughts of wanting my children to remember going downtown filled my mind, what if they grew up here and had no memories of the place?! That would be kind of sad though not the end of the world. I guess it just feels like another opportunity to make the most of the moments we've been entrusted with. I had this opportunity and grabbed it - and we all smiled longer because of it and tucked a new memory treasure in our keepsake chest.

Can't wait to try it again!


Julian said...

How fun! Christina

Simply Quaint said...

Oh what fun and yes memories.....these are things I likr to experience even now with my grown daughter and soon one day my new granddaughter who is due to make an appearance in July. Thank you for sharing, the place you went to looks lovely...

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful expierence!


Ginger said...

Great food!

Elise said...

What a charming spot! My husband and I met for lunch today. We went to a local restaurant and I just love the close-knit feel to it, the way the owner loves what he's doing, how he remember folks that come in, and the way he doles out samples so you can try different dishes. Just cannot get that from a chain most of the time.

Christy Stanton said...

How fun and whimsical! I love to do things like this need to incorporate more of it with my kids!: )