Friday, March 06, 2015

Open Tabs

First - the above. Exhibit A - on our way out for our anniversary dinner. Exhibits B & C are actually the wrapping paper that the girls drew to wrap a gift for me from David in. Can you even get over the cuteness of that couple out for a Date Night!??! And, at a table marked "reserved." Goodness, so sweet!

Finding Rest for the Soul in the Midst of Motherhood - loved this post!

We are all loving this song lately - put it on repeat!!!

This: The Secret of Creating Rest While Life Exhausts a Lady, "Sometimes rest is the most holy way to live." I found myself many times in this post.

Went to see The Drop Box Wednesday evening.

Happy Slow Weekend, friends!


Anonymous said...

I really like your "open tab" posts! And the you tube video is great - I've never heard of that group.:)

Wendi said...

My Lighthouse was part of VBS this summer. Megan downloaded it onto her Kindle and I can't tell you how many times it was played. :) It is certainly a catchy little tune.

The wrapping paper is adorable. Happy belated Anniversary!

Tasha said...

What a joy you are! So glad you opened comments back up so I can tell you so. Have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

We LOVE Rend Collective!! If you've not seen them live and have the opportunity, they are amazing!! My 4 children ages 18,17,11, and 9 had a great time seeing them and tickets are usually very reasonably priced.
Reading your blog is a huge blessing each morning.
have a wonderful weekend