Friday, June 07, 2013

Live Without Regrets

When a member of our family passed away a few years ago - I was struck by the fact that some his family had not been to see him in years. Yet, in the quick days after his death - they were there just like that.

I've never forgotten how that hit me. If it was so easy to come - why did they not come see him and be an active part of his living?

The lesson in this is that while I do not presume I will make it through life without a single regret, I want to give this one chance at life my all and do the best to live without regrets.

I want to take the time to have Sunday School in the backyard with my kids on a Sunday when we choose to stay home. I want to tell those I love that I love them and why. To make memories together. To invest in things that I am convinced are important.

Take time to create. To worship. To love. To live.

It is why I will stay up until midnight wrapping an embroidery hoop with yarn and clipping papers and pinning them to a mobile to help us offer thanks for the gifts we have now, today. Or, pin a sheet to a hula hoop for an impromptu Pinterest-inspired tent.

We had fun singing songs by request, reading the story of David and Goliath {my Dad was Goliath!} and being in God's beauty together.

Gratitude mobile idea from A Homemade Year - a lovely book! Thanks to my Mom for taking most of these photos! Moments like these hang together in the memory bank of life to create a beautiful mobile of gratitude, beauty and sweetness to hold on to. Today is indeed a gift, are you unwrapping it?


Tasha said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this post. I have that same tent pinned. And a little boy who begs me to make it. What a fun day with your Dad acting out the story....memories your children will laugh about in later years. Little memories like these are the best. Thanks for sharing. And for the gentle reminder.

*carrie* said...

We're grateful for cousins, too. =)

Dad makes a good Goliath!

Lauren (in Savannah) said...

Your dad is such a good sport! Wait I said that yesterday-lol
I bet your mom deserves a lot of credit for behind the scenes stuff too. Glad your kids are enjoying the grandparents and you are sweet to be intentional about things with them :o)

Little Penpen said...

Love this post. I work in a nursing home and see this all the time. Someone with little to no visitors,for years....and then when word gets out that they are dying, tons of people show up, crowding the hallways, all in tears. It puzzles me, too.

Anonymous said...

Your dad looks like a really fun grandpa.

Christy Stanton said...

Love this post on living life without regrets and I also love the thankful mobile idea!: )How fun that your Dad was Goliath, a great memory!

Anonymous said...

Love this post, Monica and I say AMEN!! How special that your dad acted out Goliath for your S.S. lesson. I love you dearly, my sweet granddaughter and your precious children. (your Mom & Dad, too, of course.) Much love, Grandma/Nana