Monday, June 10, 2013


One Sunday afternoon we decided to head over to a new place visiting the Springs right now called Passages. My Mom first saw it in the paper and we've seen advertisements all over town. It's in a former Hobby Lobby building and upon further investigating - it sounds like the founder of Hobby Lobby is connected with this exhibit.

Passages is an amazing interactive multi-media exhibit on the history of the Bible. You can see pieces of the Dead Sea Scrolls, hear Jerome talk about his work on the Vulgate, see a replica of Gutenburg's Printing Press, see a holographic video of Abraham Lincoln on the Battle Hymn of the Republic and even see the Lunar Bible plus TONS more. Plus there are fun hands-on activities like using a feather quill pen to copy a verse in Latin, stamping, etc.

There is also a super fun kids room with games, movie screens, dress ups, books, crafts and more. We spent three hours here and our kids did NOT want to leave!

What a fun experience we had learning about God's Word and the journey history has taken until today where we easily hold the printed Word in our hands. It also brought to life so many phrases from our CC Timeline!

According to their website, this exhibit was in North Carolina before Colorado. And, while they do not seem to publish a list of where it will be next - they indicated that following their Facebook page was the best way to find out where they are and where they are headed. If you get a chance to go, our family would highly recommend it!


angie said...

I did subscribe to their FB page, and hope that it comes to our area sometime.
Your trip seems to be filled with the right balance of out-and-about activities versus stay-at-home fun.

~katie~ said...

Love this!!! Oh, this looks like it would be so much fun! So glad you were all able to go and learn and enjoy!

Psalm 119:18 ♥

Blessings to our friends~

*carrie* said...

So glad you got to go!

becka said...

It is operated by Hobby Lobby. We heard the president of HL speak about it recently. They are also going to open a museum about the Bible in Washington DC. I truly appreciate their stand for the Word of God. It makes me want to shop even more at their stores. :)