Monday, February 22, 2010


Saturday was our 6th Anniversary! It is hard to believe how our lives have changed in six years! Oops - we did not get a picture of us! I had a new dress to wear found on the 80% off clearance at Penney's!

We enjoyed a lovely dinner out - look at this cozy place David found! A delicious french restaurant - I had an amazing Filet Mignon and the best scalloped potatoes ever. I asked if they had cheese in them and she said no, just heavy cream that when it reduces in the oven tastes like it has cheese in it. Oh. my.

David said I need to learn how to make those - I've already consulted Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking (which I have from the library right now) and found a recipe I can't wait to try!

And, just because it was a special evening - we also shared a slice of pecan pie - yum!

Tradition for sixth anniversary is iron or candy. David gave me a bag of favorite candy and a tortilla press for the iron! Does anyone have a tried and true tortilla recipe to share? I've been wanting to try out this press, I've made tortillas before - but they are never the right shape! Enter - tortilla press. Now, they should be nice and round - I just have to get the taste right!

Hope you all had a nice weekend as well!


Ginger said...

Time flies!

Bonnie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun looking restaurant! living out in the boonies, we really don't have cute places like that :0(
Our 6th is coming up in April, I think I might get a cast *iron* grill pan....

Paige said...

Happy Anniversary! The restaurant is darling. Let us know if you find a good recipe for the potatoes. They sound delishes!

Ami said...

Happy Anniversary!

I just got a tortilla press this winter and I use a recipe from Passionate Homemaking:

Even with the press, they still aren't really pretty and perfectly round, but I'm still learning.

I made the doughnuts yesterday for our community group and they were so easy and delicious! Thank you for sending it to me. I'm going to make them again tomorrow to send to a family whose son is in the hospital.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations on six years! It sounds like you had a wonderful evening!

Wendi said...

Happy anniversary! That is a really cute restaurant.

Grace said...

What a pretty spot. Happy 6th Anniversary. Can't wait to hear how the potatoes turn out.

A Country Homemaker said...

Well Happy belated Anniversary! The place your husband took you to is gorgeous! :-)

The Country Homemaker

Mom said...

So glad you had a nice anniversary! Love you, Mom

Nancy at said...

Hi Monica,
I have the recipe for Corn Tortilias on my blog. They are rediculously easy to make. (2 ingredients I didn't use a press for them. Here is the link to the specific post.
Have a blessed day and Happy Anniversary,

Lisa @ Simply Things Family said...

Congrats! We have been married 13 years and it seems to get better every year. How great that you were able to go out and celebrate!

Jessica said...

That restaurant looks lovely! I'm looking forward to hearing some tortilla recipes. Never made them, but sounds yummy!

being molded said...

Happy Anniversary! Time does fly, in the blink of your eye you'll be celebrating 18 years, like I am this year.
A friend makes tortillas I will ask her for her recipe and pass it along to you.

Sarah said...

congratulations! It's still not too late to put up a picture of the dress! Those potatoes sound wonderful - I'm ready for breakfast!

*carrie* said...

That place looks super cute, Monica. And a tortilla press is a really neat gift.

Thanks for asking about the weekend--I'll send an update later.

Julian said...

so sweet ! Happy Anniversary!

angie said...

The restaurant entrance looks so warm and inviting. Glad that you were able to celebrate six years of marriage. Congratulations.

Carrie said...

That looks like such an amazing little spot! =D


Elise said...

That restaurant looks so cute!! Your husband is so thoughtful to know what anniversary is what. I don't know any man like that. Amazing!! Did you train him or was he always like that?? :)

Elise said...

Oh, forgot to say Happy Anniversary!!

Cindy in PA said...

Congratulations on your 6th wedding anniversary! The restaurant looks beautiful and inviting too.

HandmaidforHim (Dawn Gray) said...

Happy Anniversary!
I have a press similar to yours. Here are two great recipes for tortillas:
2c. All Purpose Flour
3 T. Canola oil
1/2 tsp. salt
2/3c. warm water

Knead until forms a ball (3-5 min.). Roll into balls. Let sit for 30 minutes with a cloth over them. Then sprinkle with water to make sure not dry when put on press. Cook until done.

Whole Wheat Tortillas
1c. warm water
1/4 c. oil
1 tsp. salt
2 T. Lecithin (optional)
1/4 tsp. baking powder
2-3 c. freshly milled whole wheat flour

Measure liquids into bowl. Add dry ingredients, kneading in the flour until the dough is workable but not too stiff. Let stand 10 min. Shape the dough into balls. Place the dough slightly off center on the tortilla maker, close the lid and using the large handle, give one firm press until you hear the air start to squeak. Once you hear the squeak, release pressure and open lid. Allow tortilla to cook about 30 seconds on each side. (I leave my lid down so it cooks on both sides).

Happy Tortilla making! If you have any questions, you can email me at

Julie Willis said...

Happy 6th. My favorite tortilla recipe is:
2 to 3 cups Soft white wheat or Hard white wheat
1 teaspoon sea salt
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 cup olive oil
1 cup warm water

Mix, knead lightly for about a minute. Let rest 10 minutes. Roll into golf ball size pieces and hand flatten a bit.Press and cook 30 seconds on each side.
** I use an electric press, so cooking time may vary.

Have a wonderful day!

Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

Happy Anniversary! What a darling place.

My husband and I will celebrate our fifth, coming up in May. I've never heard of the specific gifts like that... or have I? I don't know. Very interesting...

So, how did you guys meet? Or is that in a blog post - somewhere?

Mom2fur said...

Happy Anniversary! The restaurant sounds very romantic.
I love that you got a tortilla press. That's the kind of gift I like, too: kitchen toys! Best of luck with it. It sounds like it will be fun to use.

Huskerbabe said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad you had a special evening. I agree, let us know how the potatoes turn out. I'm thinking it usually has more to do with the potatoes than the recipe. :)
I make corn tortillas and all I use is masa flour and water, directions on the bag. Very simple yet very tasty.

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Congratulations on your Anniversary.

Dorothy said...

Happy Anniversary Monica! Your blog is one of the top 3 I read daily. Your sweet sweet spirit blesses me and I love to see how you bless your precious children and husband. Thanks for sharing.

Elaine said...

Hi Monica, I sent my recipe to your email address as it seemed quite long. if you want me to post it, let me know. Elaine

Dayna (Spear) Guenther said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like my kind of restaurant! :)

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! :)

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a wonderful night for the two of you. Good luck on the tortillas, sounds yummy!

RockerWife said...

Happy anniversary! I'm going to post the recipe I use on my blog as soon as I leave this comment. They are delicious - I do cheat a bit and use my breadmaker to mix up the dough. :) I think I'll keep an eye out for a tortilla press although it's fun to roll out the tortillas with my kids!

Cara said...

I'm so intrigued by those scalloped potatoes you mentioned....they sound delicious!!

I've got a super simple Homemade Tortilla recipe on my blog. It's so easy that my 2 year old can do most of it!

I'm very curious about how your tortilla press works! I hope you'll post about it after you've had a chance to use it.

Happy anniversary!!

Smith said...

My mother made homemade flour tortillas EVERY day. It really didn't matter what was for dinner, the tortillas were always there. Carne Guisada, Beans, tortillas. Pasta and sauce, salad, tortillas. Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli, tortillas. It was just habit for her because that's how she grew up. I don't make these everyday like my mother (more like once a mont--and my waistline thanks me for that), but when I do I go to this tried and true recipe:

2 cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 Tbsp shortening

Sift together the dry ingredients, cut in shortening with your hand until it looks like tiny peas, add water slowly to make a soft dough. there is no exact measurement for the water, just add a little at a time till you get what you want.

Form into round balls (about 1 doz. give or take) then flatten with your hand. Place on floured surface and roll with a floured rolling pin, turning your tortilla 1/4 turn with every turn (this helps with the roundness). Cook on a hot dry griddle (or comal as we call it). Wrap in a clean dish towel to keep warm.

NOTES: I find the tortilla press is better for corn than flour tortillas.

Also, don't expect your tortillas to be as thin as you buy them in a store or restaurant. They use a tortilla making machine that is able to flatten them thinner than nature intended.

Your tortillas may come off the comal rather stiff, but don't worry, they soften up while sitting in the wrapped dish towel.

I do not suggest substituting a liquid oil for the solid vegetable shortening. I do, however, have a friend who substituted solid coconut oil for the veg. shortening and claimed they were good.

Irregular in shape or not, they are still edible and oh so delicious! My daughter (who is only 1) refuses to eat store bought tortillas and will only mine or grandmas :)

Okay, sorry I wrote a book, but obviously, it's something I feel passionate about ;)

Jenny said...

What a wonderful evening! Those potatoes sound great, too.

I do have a super tortilla recipe, but it looks like you've already been offered several. :)

Let me know if you'd like to try mine. There are two options: traditional or a fluffy, Sonoran style tortilla.

Mary Ann said...

Happy anniversary!

I'd love to know how you like the tortilla press and whether it helps you to get them more round and uniform in size and shape. I make some tortillas but am not good enough at it to make them all the time. They're good, just all different shapes and sizes!

I'm also interested in how bulky and big the press is to store. :-)

Unknown said...

Ooo...a torilla press! I would love to get one of those someday! What a lovely anniversary! CONGRATS on 6 years! :)