Friday, February 19, 2010

Make Your Home a Haven: Papers and Filing

Good morning! Ok, I love working on the basic things - but I have some projects that need to be done around here! And, I keep looking at them and thinking they would make great projects for the Make Your Home a Haven challenge!

Here's a big stack of papers I need to file! My goal for next week is to get all of these filed, purge old papers and shred them, collect income tax paperwork and get a rough draft of my taxes completed.

If your files are in good order - please feel free to choose another project! Make sure to take before and after pictures!


Mary Ann said...

Thank you, thank you. I really need to do something with all the paper piles around here! This will be a good incentive to sort, shred and file!

Katy said...

Good luck with it Monica! :)

chrissy said...

Monica -

This project has been hanging over my head for weeks...thanks for the inspiration. Today is the day!


P.S. I hope you'll come visit me at my new "home" on the web!

Elise said...

I think if I were to post or link about my piles I would need a couple of posts to conquer all the clutter. I did buy some pretty file folders from The Dollar Tree and have a cute, white metal folder holder that I've yet to actually use. Maybe after this weekend...
Have fun!! :)

Anonymous said...


I am not excited about doing this!

But I will say Thank You anyway.You will be the only reason it gets done! :)

Have a good weekend Monica!

Kathy said...

Oh boy! I have a lot of work to do ;)

There is a "Beautiful Blog Award" circling the blogosphere, and I selected you as one of "my" choices:

All the best ~ Kathy

rachel@thecupcakesprinklesinlife said...

Yes, yes, yes! It's like you've read my mind! Isn't it nice to know that we are not alone,that most of us women drag our heels on the paperwork stuff... :)

Tiffany said...

I love your blog. So many great posts. I gave you the Beautiful Blogger Award. Check out my site for more details.

chrissy said...

Thanks for "fixing" me!