Slow Lane: The Beautiful Art of Slowing Down

A unique combination of Bible Study and journal, this interactive handbook will guide you through thoughtful questions to consider as you study what God's Word has to say about slowing down.

Slowing down is both a spiritual state of the heart and a physical state of your schedule. Explore both in this beautiful full-color book!

Often in our world, slow is seen as negative or ugly - I hope you will join me in looking for the beautiful side of slow!

From the back cover:
Breathe deep. Let it out slowly. Imagine you are on a bustling highway in a sleek, speedy car. Traffic is cutting in and out all around you as everyone is in a hurry for some reason or another. Now imagine trading that in for the family car on a winding, scenic country road. There are trees lining one side and a beautiful open meadow on the other. Our culture wraps up a jam-packed schedule and frantic pace and sets it on a silver platter, offering it like a trophy to anyone who wants it. But I propose we take that glittery package back and exchange it for a less traveled road, one that celebrates and enjoys the precious, everyday moments of life. Let's move into the slow lane and unwrap the gifts the Giver of Life bestows on us every day. Won't you join me in slowing? Step into these pages which are a unique combination of personal journal, Bible Study, practical ideas and visual inspiration for slowing down. Start looking for the everyday beauty in slow!

Included in the book are journal questions, Bible study charts and guidance, Scripture cards to cut out, a Beautiful Slow art print and full-color photos throughout.

See Inside - click to enlarge Table of Contents and sample chart:

Find out how to download a free set of slow goodies I created for you here!

If you are a Sunday School teacher or small group leader, I've written a 44-page leader's guide just for you! It is written for 18 weeks, but can be easily adapted to cover fewer or additional weeks and ideas for adapting are also included.

Ordering Options:
- You can order a copy through Amazon with free Prime shipping! I don't fully understand the rhythm to Amazon so sometimes the price changes or the shipping date looks strange, but it should be $18.99 including free Prime shipping. And, since it is printed upon demand, it should ship in just a few days.
- For orders of multiple copies, please contact me to get a quote. This is especially good if you are a Sunday School teacher or small group leader as I can have the books shipped directly to you from the printer depending on the quantity.

Thank you so much for your interest in and support of this book! It is a message close to my heart and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to share it in this way.

Listen to my visit with Crystal Paine on her podcast as we talk about slowing and choosing a word for the year!

Happy Slowing!


Bevy @ Treasured Up and Pondered said...

This is on my wish list - to order myself and or for my Christmas list!! :) I'm patiently waiting...

Anonymous said...

I treated myself for Christmas to your sweet book! So excited.