Saturday, December 18, 2021

Shepherd's Dinner

 Tonight marks our third year having a Shepherd's Dinner a la Sally Clarkson! This year we had my mom and a few friends with us, it was so lovely! 

Potato soup, homemade bread, apples, cheese and sparkling grape juice served as a candlelight living room picnic take such simple things and elevate them to memory and tradition status. 

Our guests needed a few extra minutes to get here and that was divine timing because it gave me a few minutes to jot down enough ideas for each person to read a question or a passage of Scripture. I am going to log them here because tonight I was looking for what we did last time and I did not log it here so I need to remember this for the future! And perhaps someone else will want to use it!

There were 8 of us, so 8 slips of paper in a jar:

*talk about the imagery of the sheep and the Lamb!

*read John 1:29 - why is Jesus called the Lamb?

*use your senses to imagine/describe what it might have been like to be a shepherd

*read Psalm 23

*read Luke 2:8-21

*read John 10:11-16

*two shepherds became kings, compare them - what did they have in common, what was different

*read about the Good Shepherd in the Names of Jesus Advent devotional


Mom said...

Lovely tradition! I was glad to be part of it. :)

Simply Handmade Farmhouse said...

Monica, how cozy that must of been! Merry Christmas!