Monday, September 14, 2020


 Above: featuring a Rachel photo, she styled the outfit and wore it like a rockstar! She can pull off any fashion that she wants in ways that most of us could not!

Below: Rachel wanted Daddy to make dinner with her - they made Chicken Zucchini Stuffing Casserole and it was delish!

At the suggestion of a friend, Rachel and I really enjoyed watching Wartime Kitchen and Garden on Youtube. Their resourcefulness and how they stretched things was genius and is inspiring!

I've enjoyed reading several Elizabeth Camden books over the summer - have any authors to recommend? I'd love to hear them!

We've been re-watching When Calls the Heart and I've been listening to Shane & Shane Hymns on Youtube.

Share your miscy things with me!


Leanne said...

I feel like youtube is the only kind of entertainment "tv" I watch anymore!! We started going to a new church about 4 months ago and they frequently sing hymns arranged by Shane & Shane... they are absolutely my "new" favorite Christian artist to listen to... I absolutely adore "His Mercy is More"...
The outfit Rachel styled is just too cute!!
Happy Nearly Fall!!

Mom said...

You are so right that Rachel can wear ensembles that most of us could not! The outfit pictured is very cute. :)

As for miscy things around here - I've been re-reading the Mitford series (along with a Facebook book group). I'm enjoying these wonderful books all over again! I had not heard of Shane & Shane until you recently posted a link - wonderful! I might have to watch Wartime Kitchen and Garden again! (There is also a series called Wartime Farm.) After taking summer off from working jigsaw puzzles, I got out an autumn puzzle and enjoyed putting it together. Love you!