Tuesday, February 11, 2020

January/February Goals

January Goals Update:

*Go for a nature outing as a family: picnic and walk. This was delightful and we all decided we want to make it a monthly goal to visit a different spot once a month for a picnic and walk!
*Get back into routine especially with adding tutoring Rachel's class. God is providing what we have needed to make this happen this month. So far February is not off to as good of a start with this but I'm so grateful for the good month of January!
*Make choices that simplify, not complicate, our life. Don't make things harder than they need to be! I talked about this here.
*Drink 48 oz of water each day. I am so pleased and proud of myself for accomplishing this! 
*Re-start my vitamin routine. Also, off to a good start on this. I'm using the same method as I talk about in this post in using a Health Journal to record each week.
*Celebrate Samuel's birthday.
*Look for ways to use what we have. I would say we did do this - one specific example is when I forgot it was our turn to bring snacks for Community Group - I took inventory of what we had and planned accordingly. Worked out great!
*Less commitments on the calendar - keep as much open space/margin as possible. Again, I did very well with this in January - February is starting out harder, but again I'm grateful for a good month of margin.

February Goals:

*make macaroons: Rachel has been wanting to try these for a while, I've tried once but with too many substitutions to be successful. We are ready to try again!
*go for a nature outing and picnic as a family on a Sunday after church
*help with decor at a church one-day conference
*celebrate our anniversary
*finish a big project with Samuel to be presented on Feb 28 including food, costume and presentation
*survive and do what has to be done for daily life - only partly kidding: there is a lot going on right now and I want things to be calm and peaceful. I need to remember to just do what has to be done and think creatively about how to simplify in ways that I can and let some of the things go too. Wisdom needed!

What are your Feb goals?


Connie said...

hi monica......love your goals! i'm working on keeping up with my morning routine to get my day off to a good start, finish 2 books, use up a restaurant gift card that expires, finish a cross stitch project, get my november/december photos in albums, and finalize plans for our vacation to your beautiful state next month...we will be in myrtle beach and folly beach.....can't wait!!!

Leanne said...

I've been keeping my goals list on Google Keep and it has totally changed how much I get finished and how accomplished I feel! Here are Jan's goals:
January 2020 Goals:
Develop a good morning routine-- still working on/ too much sickness and school closings to get into the groove
work out on Stair Stepper 4 times a week-- did... actually, I'm getting to the gym about 5-6 times a week-- my boys go to work out too :-)
Develop a better laundry system-- done--- getting rid of a lot of clothes, helps, and getting it put away, right away has been so helpful--but now I don't FOLD everything! that has been a huge life saver
Get 3 small decluttering projects done-I kept a list and plugged away- every room/ closet except our game room has been finished
Get 2 major decluttering projects done-- still have garage and game room, but will wait until Spring-- now to just maintain
Figure out my apple watch-- the best purchase I've ever made... it motivates me in many ways!
Consistently use my google calendar-- yes, and since my husband and I now share the calendar, we stay current so much better!
Work up walking 10000steps/ day-- did this if you include steps on the stairmaster (which I do--because they are harder!!)

*** Love how your simple post can be such an inspiration to others!!!

Monica Wilkinson said...

@Leanne: Just downloaded the Google Keep app - have not heard of that before but it sounds like it is right up my alley! Thanks for the tip! Great job on your goals too :)

Leanne said...

yes! I LOVE it... it has changed my organization so much!!!