Monday, February 03, 2020

Glowing Birthday

Samuel's 12th Birthday was on Friday and we had a great time at a new and local glow golf place. After being sick from before Thanksgiving and then on and off through Christmas - I had asked David if we could stray from our usual $50 birthday budget and do something that was both fun and energy expending for young boys but also simpler and easier on Mama.

This solution worked out awesome - seriously, I loved how smooth the process was and it was a gift not to host this event in our home right now. We took pizza, drinks and cake and everything else was provided.

Ultimately, it isn't about how much we did or did not spend - we created a fun new memory and celebrated our son. That is not something we can put a value on. And I am grateful that we could host some of his buddies to come and hang out on a Friday night. To have the attendant tell us that this group was so well behaved was an extra blessing to this mama heart and the kind of friends he is blessed to have.

Happy Birthday Samuel!


PamC said...

Looks like fun for all.

Mom said...

That's glowing alright! What a fun party for our birthday boy - glad he had fun! :)

*carrie* said...

Yay--so glad you came up with this option, and that it was a success!