Monday, August 26, 2019

Sunflower Beauty

While out and about one day recently, I drove by a farm with a big field of sunflowers. They were so cheery and inviting! We know the family who owns it, so I decided to call and see if they would mind if I came and took some pictures and cut a bouquet of flowers. They were eager to allow this and were so generous in giving us not only permission but a free bouquet of flowers!

The girls and I drove down the tree lined driveway that felt like going back in time. A house that has been in the family over one hundred years waited at the end of the drive and to the side was this field of sunshiny flowers.

To make it even better, a photographer was there taking some family photos and allowed us to enjoy her props including this awesome couch! It was so dreamy!

This is a good example of beauty making and enjoying - this outing cost us absolutely nothing, just about an hour of our Friday evening - but the payout was so much more. I was inspired to finish up some necessary book launch tasks, enjoying the gift of photography beauty and a fun evening out with my girls.

One of the points in beauty making is that it doesn't need to cost much or even anything really. I frequently cut flowers on the side of the road, pick up pinecones and enjoy sunsets. Going at golden hour was the right decision as I look back on these dreamy photos. I hope you will find inspiration, beauty and enjoyment from them too!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, Monica! What beautiful pictures of beautiful flowers and beautiful girls.
What a fun evening you had. Thanks for sharing! Love you, Grandma