Thursday, August 08, 2019

August Goals

Without realizing it, I missed doing my July goals completely! I did meet my June goals and accomplished the things I had on my list. One key to completing my goals is to setting realistic goals - too lofty and they likely won't get done because they aren't realistic.

This time of year, I need to remember this and set lower expectations as we get back into our school year routines which is more rigorous than our summer time for sure.

Rachel is starting a new dance studio, Emily is starting high school {still homeschooling} and Samuel is starting orthodontic work. So, it is a season of transition for us just as it is for so many families.

August goals:

Honestly I think I have very low expectations for August - I hope to just get back into the routine of school, ballet, activities, etc. Routine is good but this routine is different than our summer routine and during this time of transition, I think having less goals and expectations may be helpful and freeing.

How about you? What are your goals for this month?

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