Wednesday, June 05, 2019

May/June Goals

Time to update those monthly goals again! Let's see how we did on May:

May goals:
- make and deliver May baskets: I had already completed that one at the time of posting!
- finish school: YAY! Done!
- host CC Practicum for our area: done! Now I'm taking most of the summer OFF!
- rest: check! Our kids are with my Mom right now, so I've had several weeks to get caught up on rest and things at home.
- complete all book edits and start picking out photos for my next book: not only did I complete this, but I also finished all the photos, projects and interior layout for the book. It is now sent out to a handful of authors and writers to write endorsements and then will be ready to share with you! Hoping for mid-August!
- complete the Discern and Decide course from Emily Freeman: this was so, so good. I did complete it and highly recommend it. I got it free as a pre-order bonus, but she is also making the class available for purchase if any of you are interested in looking into it.
- lots of reading: I read seven books this month and still have a big stack to read but this was good progress!

bonus: I bought a cabinet at a thrift store to go in my closet. I've been using a baby changing table in there well, since our kids were not using it! And it wasn't really sturdy enough to be a storage shelf! A friend came to visit and we re-painted this using all paint I had and got it all set up in my closet - love it!

second bonus: it was on my radar to get my blog updated but I didn't expect it to be done this month, so I'm very grateful to have that large task completed!

June goals:

- work on free download and leaders guide to go with Beauty Maker book
- go camping as a family
- do a road trip with a friend at the end of the month
- read!
- come up with a summer bucket list with the kids to enjoy this summer

What are your goals for June?

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