Monday, July 29, 2019

Michigan Road Trip

Finishing up our summer travel, we just got back from a week in Michigan visiting David's mom and her husband at the lake! This was a first for all of us!

Because we took Scout with us and traveled on a Sunday, we had church in the car. David asked each of the kids to come up with something to share for five minutes and to select a song for our playlist. It was so sweet to hear their Scripture passages and thoughts on the words - such an encouragement!

We took all of our food for the drive up there and most of it for the way home too which I was so pleased about! Great way to save money and keep moving along on our way.

Within moments of getting there, our kids were changing into swim clothes to get out on the boat and go tubing! We had absolutely beautiful weather and I enjoyed the cooler temps!

The boat was not my thing - but I loved seeing all the Queen Anne's Lace on the side of the roads and the beautiful sky over the lake every evening and morning!


Unknown said...

It is so GOOD that you went the week you do... the week before was HOT! I've literally been to Michigan 4 times in the last 6 weeks (it is only 2 hours away!)... it is my favorite place for recharging and meeting God's beauty!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Monica, SO glad you had a safe trip and a good time! Looks like the kids really enjoyed the water sports. As always, your pictures are gorgeous. Your day trip to Mackinac Island brought back memories of my trip there when I was about 14 years old!! Glad Rachel had a good birthday! Much love, Grandma

Mom said...

So glad you got to go on this adventure and for your safe travel! Great photos - I love all the smiling faces (the one of Scout and David laughing on the tube is priceless!!)!

*carrie* said...

Great idea to have a little church service in the car! Nice to see pix of the lake and activities.